Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Rescue Doberman Puppies Are Growing Fast

I wanted to report about our Doberman rescue puppies much more frequently, but alas my life has been too demanding to do so. But here I am today with another post about our little Doberman girls. In the following photos they have been eight to nine weeks old.

Here they are outside in our garden contained in a big X-Pen playing with Skylar, our adult red Doberman Pinscher, who is also a rescue Doberman. Playing for the Doberman puppies meant at this age nipping Skylar everywhere and all the time. From the left to the right right you see Elsa, Princess and Lilly.

For a male Doberman Pinscher Skylar was amazingly patient with them, but often even he had enough and needed some alone time to prevent things from getting out of hand. It is still amazing to me how much energy these little puppies had.

My husband bought stadium seats for us to have a more comfortable way to sit down and spent time with them in the X-Pen. Like everything else they made perfect chewing objects for them.

We got the puppies when they were about four weeks old and even though on these photos they are still very small in comparison to our mature Doberman boy, they had grown tremendously in the four to five weeks that we had them when these photos were taken.

Lilly and Skylar in one of the rare moments of quite when the puppies were awake.

The puppies at that age had still only three modes: Sleeping, playing and eating. Here Lilly crashed on the stadium seat.

They continued to love to huddle together for warmth and emotional comfort.

There was always something to sniff.

Elsa, on the right, sometimes could look pretty feisty already...

...and sometimes like the young, elegant, graceful Doberman lady that she was about to become.

They were so full of life and ready to explore the world. "What's next?" seemed to be a constant expression in their little faces.

Lilly, being curious and playful...

...and moments later giving you the typical, intense, fierce Doberman stare already

Love this profile photo of Lilly with her sister Princess in the background.

Lilly playing between the legs of my husband.

Gorgeous little girl!

The three siblings playing together. Elsa and Lilly are insight the X-Pen and Princess is outside, teasing them to get her.

It was always fun to see them interact, except when they were starting to get to rough with each other which happened sometimes, too.

Princess looking intensely...

...and seconds later is ready to go, which for a puppy means ready to play.

Profile shot of Princess. The two black Dobie girls looked remarkable similar.

In case you wonder, Princess is wearing a puppy harness, because we started to walk the puppies on a leash and a harness is gentler on their bodies than a collar, but also to be able to grab them more easily in case we had to, when they were getting to rough with each other or in trouble in the garden. 

Elsa, happily and proudly playing with a ball.

Isn't she cute?

"Come get me, if you can!"

Even at this age Elsa had still these unusual blue/olive colored eyes.

You got to stop and smell the roses - well, at least start with the leaves.

Always on the hunt.

Elsa aka Yoda: "I can walk myself"!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these photos from our rescue Doberman puppies. If you want to take a look at the two earlier posts that I did about them and read more about their story, please click here and here) They were a heck of a work, but boy, do I miss Elsa and Princess, that got adopted out soon after these photos were taken. As I mentioned previously, we kept Lilly for ourselves and she is growing rapidly into a beautiful Dobie female. It is almost hard to believe now that she was once so little.

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  1. They are beautiful dogs. Glad they all have good homes. Lily I'm sure is a good companion for Skylar and vice-versa.

    Have a great Thursday ~ FlowerLady

  2. So cute! I'm glad all found homes and that we'll get to see more of Lily (and Skylar of course).

  3. Love ,love, love your post ! You amazingly captured all their expressions. I have to admit most dogs I see are sorta dull BUT yours show you what they're thinking and boy do they have a lot to say. Currently we've been busy redoing our kitchen with only me coming up with all the plans and replans...phew, need relief. Thanks for the post. I needed it ! Oh, now I want puppies lol

    1. Patsi, thanks a lot for your very nice comment, it really made my day!
      It was astounding to me, too, how much the facial expression of the dog puppies communicate their moods and what they are thinking. Because everything usually goes so quick, I didn't recognize this, before I had taken close-up photos of their faces, which capture their expressions for us humans "to read" with much more time than in real life.
      Good luck with your kitchen redo, I can imagine that this is very challenging!

  4. They are beautiful pups - so expressive and healthy! Love their cute faces and big feet - a hint at how big they would grow, I'm sure. I sure do love puppy breath.....haven't had a puppy in a long time. Both my dogs were rescue dogs, too, but adults when I brought them home. Can't wait to see your beautiful girl all grown. xx Karen

  5. Such adorable puppies. I am a foster for Dachshunds and get puppies a lot. It is hard to let them go even when they go to great families. They are such a joy.

    1. Bev Carter, welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment!
      Awesome that you are fostering Dachshunds. Taking care of puppies is a tremendous amount of work and I really admire you for fostering them. I honestly don't know if we could do it, again.
      You are completely right that it is very hard to let go of foster puppies, even though they go to good homes. I shed quite a few tears when Elsa and Princess were leaving. They just grow so much on you!

  6. I have been out and almost missed this ever so lovely puppy post. In my imagination I see you and your husband sitting on the stadium seats in the puppy pen, it must have been hard to let two of them go. But anyway they will have a good home too and of course you cannot keep them all. It must have been a wonderful experience to take care of them and have seen them growing.....
    You will have your hands full of Skylar and Lilly.
    regards, Janneke

  7. Was für süße kleine Welpen, liebe Christina :-)
    Der weiße Sonnenhut bei mir ist übrigens der
    weißblühende Sonnenhut 'Alba'
    Echinacea purpurea 'Alba' :-)
    Ganz viele liebe Herbstgrüße
    sendet dir die Urte :-)

    1. Dear Urte, thanks for letting me know the identity of the white enchinacea that I loved so much in your garden. I have never seen Echinacea purpurea 'Alba' in the US nurseries that I have visited, but it should be available here, too. I will specifically look for it and maybe considering to order it online, if I can't find it. It should do well in my climate, too.

  8. How sweet. I just love puppies. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  9. Skylar looks so caring....
    Cute puppies! "I can walk myself" is a well-known quotation!
    Hope you are doing well! Best wishes Villrose/Irene

  10. Such beautiful puppies. Fun to see more photos of them. One of my old dogs, grouchy old male of a few years ago had zero tolerance for any adult dog but was tolerant beyond belief of puppies. You never know who will be a good puppy daddy.

  11. Cute, cute, cute! You gave them all such a good beginning. I hope Elsa and Princess are happy in their new homes! Does Lily miss them much, or is she glad for a little more personal attention?

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  23. They are stunning puppies. Happy all of them have good homes.