Sunday, May 7, 2017

This Is The One!

Today I want to continue the story of the three little rescue Doberman puppies that we took on in April last year. In the photos in this post, Princess and Lily are about ten weeks old and they were taken in the last four days when we had both puppies. Elsa, the third puppy, was already adopted out to someone who looked she was giving her a good home.

At that point, the two remaining puppies were relentless in their desire to play with Skylar, our red adult Dobie boy, who was mostly a good sport and put up with them.

Here Skylar is wrestling with Lily, do you see how he is holding her down with his right front leg? Of course, Princess wants to be part of the game, too.

Lily found a way to free herself from Skylar's grip.

The two pups also enjoyed playing with each other...

...but somehow bugging Skylar was even more fun.

Often all three dogs loved involving their humans into their play as well. Yes, these are famous Doberman teeth!

Sometimes it pays off to hide between the legs of the master.

But not for too long and then it was on with the game with Skylar again. And when one puppy was playing with Skylar the second one wasn't too far away...

...and most often ready to join the action.

Lily proudly claiming a garden chair.

Skylar trying to discipline Lily,

...which worked for a moment: She is rolling on her back and showing her belly in submission towards him.

Little Lily practicing the "Doberman attitude".

Lily: "You don't want to play with me anymore?"

Lily: "Hah, I know there was a way to get you engaged again."

But sometimes even the puppies had enough from their play and climbed on their master's warm legs to rest and relax.

Or, for even more comfort they climbed on top of each other on their master's legs and exhaustedly fell a sleep.

Princess, on the left and Lily, on the right being alert.

Lily: "Can I have your toy?"

Lily: "Heh, didn't you hear me, can I have your toy?"

For my husband and me, these last days were bittersweet since we finally had made our decision which puppy to keep and we knew it was only a matter of time until we had to let go of the second puppy.

In the end, we choose Lily to stay with us. It was incredibly hard to make a pick between her and Princess since we loved them both so much and they were very good puppies.

Lily had a slightly lower energy level than Princess, which we preferred and also seemed to be the most confident puppy out of the three, which indicated that she could become a good balancing companion for our a somewhat anxious boy Skylar. It also looked like Lily felt emotionally more drawn to me whereas Princess seem to prefer my husband. Since Skylar is already "my husband's boy" we hoped that Lily would pick me as her primary "go-to human". 

We also consulted with our very knowledgeable and highly valued dog trainer and friend Alexandra Gant (Behave!), before making our decision. She thought that out of the three puppies Lily would be the best fit for Skylar and us and we took her advice into serious consideration when making our decision.

So it was Princess that we needed to say goodbye to. She got adopted by a Doberman lover, who had already an adult Doberman girl and we believe that she is in a very good home. Nonetheless, writing this post made my eyes tearing up and I am feeling a big lump in my throat. It is incredible how attached we got to the puppies in the brief five to six weeks we had the privilege to take care of them. 

I will continue to write about Lily and her development and I hope that you will enjoy following how she grows up from a cute and silly puppy into a beautiful mature Doberman girl. 

If you like to read and see more of our adorable little rescue Doberman pups, you find my older posts about them here: 

Wishing everyone a great week! 

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