Saturday, September 10, 2016

August Roses

The roses have responded very well to the fact that I was able to give them a little bit more care in August than in July and rewarded me with plenty of blooms. Most roses that were blooming in July, continued to flower in August as well, but I have decided, so that you don't get bored, that in this post I will only show you roses that I didn't feature already in the July roses post.

Let's start with the gorgeous lavender colored 'Neptune'.

In my eyes this rose has an exceptional color, but it is a little stingy with its blooms.

It is still growing in a container, so maybe it will be happier and more floriferous when it is planted in to the ground.

A true camelion under my roses is 'Nimbus'. It changes its colors like no other rose in my garden, depending on weather, water and fertilizer conditions. This flower has a particular interesting and appealing color blend. I love the brown-orange together with the lavender!

'Auckland Metro' has an exquisite, very noble off-white color.

The flowers of 'Auckland Metro'...

...can take on very elegant shapes.

This one seems to glow from within.

Fragrance is very nice, too.

This is 'Mary Rose', bred by David Austin. The rose has an incredible quick repeat and a very lovely Old Rose shape. Unfortunately it had a bout of powdery mildew lately. It is still growing in a big terracotta container and I will move it into a more sunny spot and see if that helps.

Here 'Mary Rose' mingles with 'Iceberg'.

'Moonstone' showing off its enchanting flowers.

Here is a bush shot of 'Moonstone'. Plenty of new growth, but sadly a lot of the leaves are infected with powdery mildew. 

Another flower of 'Moonstone', shot in the more bluish morning light.

'Moonstone' in its full glory, kissed by the sunshine.

I cut these two lovely blooms of rosa 'Frederic Mistral' on a very hot day to enjoy them indoors. Aren't they beautiful? I am really in love with this rose!

The blooms of 'Frederic Mistral' are very opulent and can get huge.

The flowers are very full and have a very strong, pleasant fragrance, that can fill a whole room with perfume.

The gentle, soft, lilac-pink bloom of 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh'. So romantic!

This is the first fully developed bloom of rosa 'Love Song' from my baby band roses, that I ordered in January this year. The rose has a really nice very clear lavender color and a good form. So far it looks very promising. Hardly any fragrance, though, which is unusual for lavender roses.

Here is the same flower, but the picture was taken later in the day with a different background. I can't wait to see this beauty to become more mature and produce the next flush of blooms.

The first flush of blooms of rosa 'Koko Loko', another of my baby bands from January. The color of the rose is very hard to capture with the camera. It has a a light brown tint. Very unusual and interesting.

I took another photo with our light brown stained concrete terrace as a background to show you how much this rose is matching the brown color. Lately I feel very drawn to these oddball colors and 'Koko Loko' certainly fits the bill!

The like and dislike of colors is highly personal and I am wondering to what colors of the roses that I have shown in this post you feel drawn to. Do you mind sharing which is your favorite in a comment? I would love to hear from you!

Hopefully September will be another good month for the roses. Here in San Diego the chances are very high that with cooler temperatures we will get some more great blooms. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend!

See you in the garden!


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  1. I'm intrigued by 'Nimbus' with it's unusual mix of tones but 'Auckland Metro' won my heart this month. It has a beautiful shape and, as you said, seems to glow from within. Enjoy your weekend Christina!

    1. Kris, I don't know if 'Nimbus' is my favorite, but it is certainly the most fascinating rose in terms of its coloration in my garden. I hope to plant the rose into the ground soon, so that it can really show its full potential! The flower form can certainly improve a bit ;-)!

  2. Moonstone is my favorite here. I like how it is edged in a darker color.

    1. Jane, I like the blooms of the two toned 'Moonstone' also very much and yet because of the powdery mildew issues I am contemplating to get rid of it. So far the beautiful blooms have saved the life of the rose bush...

  3. No chili thrips? Lucky! My roses have been devastated.

    1. Hoover Boo, no, no chili thrips so far! But I am afraid they will arrive in my garden, too. So sorry to hear that they have infested your roses. They are such a bad pest

  4. You remind me of how I miss Mary Rose, which did well for me for many years until I tried to move her. I have moved many many mature roses over the years but Mary did not care for it at all, thus she is no more.And Frederic M.! What a spectacular rose on a horrible bush.I had to show him the door with deep regret. I wish I had a place o plant a dozen or so roses that was away from the garden proper so I could just enjoy the blooms, and not worry about how crappy the plant looks. How intriguing is Nimbus ! Have you ever tried to grow 'Distant Drums' ?

  5. Oh gosh, I would never tire of photos of your roses! They're all incredible and I could look at them all day! 'Aukland Metro' is gorgeous!

  6. I can't make a choice Christina all the roses you are showing are so beautiful! And I never get tired of seeing photo's of roses because not one flower on the roseshrub is the same. I decided this summer not to deadhead the roses after the second flowerflush. Our wintertime is a very grey one most of the time and I love to see the color of the rosehips. And I am amazed to see that a lot of roses give beautiful hips now. And I agree with you that roses reward us with extra flowers if you take a little bit more care of water and fertilizer.
    Have a wonderful day
    Warm wishes

  7. Really beautiful Christina. I envy you. I have neglected my roses a little. And we have had no rain for weeks, so you can imagine how it looks. But I have worked really hard. You will see it in my next post. Thanks for the lovely roses you showed me. I am inspired and shal water my roses immediately. Groetjes Hetty

  8. Hacía ya un tiempo que no te veía o no te escribía, una de dos pero lo que no cambian son tus fabulosas fotos y unas rosas maravillosas. Un saludo desde Plantukis

  9. I never get tired of roses and I actually love all kind of colors, but my favorite in this post is 'Neptune'. I love the lavender color, but roses with this color are not easily to grow in my garden. I have some but they never give that great flush of flowers I should like to have. For me the easiest and best rose here is 'Mary Rose'. 'Auckland Metro' is already for years on my wishlist, just because of the name (we once visited Auckland) but she is beautiful too. 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' I had but after a long period of suffering and transplanting the rose died. 'Frederic Mistral'is a beauty too, I think I put this one on my wishlist too.
    Sigh.......Will this rose madness ever go over? I don't think so.
    Happy gardening Christina and give your dogs an extra hug from me.

  10. What beauties, one and all. It is 'always' a treat to see your lovely roses.

    Have a wonderful day and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  11. Me gustan todas tus rosas. Besos y feliz semana.

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  13. The first two roses and Frederic Mistral are very photogenic. Gorgeous roses< Christina !

  14. They are all gorgeous, but I was instantly drawn to 'Koko Loko'! I tend to like oddball plants, though I don't know that I would call this beautiful rose that. I like 'Koko Loko' not only for its lovely color, but also for its old-fashioned petals.

  15. So wunderschöne zarte Farben - und das bei eurem heißen Wetter. Ich wundere mich immer, dass sie so bei dir blühen.
    Und wir waren auch nicht schon wieder in England, ich zeige meine Bilder selten zeitnah, sie sind vom letzten September! ;)


  16. Such glorious selection as always! And Neptune looks so elegant!

  17. Ich liebe deine Rosenbilder und beneide dich um diese Pracht.
    Diese zarten romantischen Farben...herrlich!
    Bei uns herrscht zwar traumhaftes Spätsommerwetter,doch meine Rosen blühen nicht mehr.
    Dafür genieße ich deine Bilder.
    Hab noch eine schöne Woche,
    alles Liebe,

  18. Both lavender roses got my attention, something rarely seen around here. The different shapes are interesting. Sorry about the mildew, this alone would be discouraging to me but you have a passion for roses which is good to see.

  19. They are all so beautiful - how to choose a favorite? Neptune is such an unusual color and I am very drawn to it. I also love the form and colors of Mary Rose and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer, Christina! xo Karen

  20. I remember visiting the rose garden in San Diego and marvelling that roses grow so happily in your climate. Your roses are all beautiful, but I particularly like Nimbus - it is so unusual.

  21. What a bunch of wonderful roses! A pleasure to meet all of them...
    'Neptune' has great colors and 'Frederic Mistral' is like a huge cream cake...

  22. The roses is so nice, Also the colors.
    Rigid lights