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More From The Rescue Doberman Puppies

As promised, today I will show you more photos of the three rescue Doberman puppies, that we took in on April, 24th this year. On the pictures published today they are about five week old and at that age they seem to grew visibly every day.

After play they often liked to huddle up with each other in their little den, a plastic box padded with towels, for warmth and comfort. On a whim at dinner with a friend we had given them their puppy names. So from the left to the right you see Lily, Princess and Elsa. The two black sisters looked so similar that we had a hard time telling them apart at that point. We solved this problem by putting little collars in different colors on them. Here you see Princess showing off her red one with white mini paw prints.

Even though all puppies were terrible cute, Elsa had the little "special something".

The black ones, Lily and Princess, were much stronger than Elsa and bullied her at times badly, which was not always fun to watch. They even didn't seem to mind teaming up against her. Doberman puppies can be so incredible rough with each other.

But there were many peaceful (means mainly sleepy) moments as well. But the visible scratch on Elsa's head tells about the other times.

Lily in play mode.

Princess and Lily having a go at each other.

Lily looking mischievously: "Mom, all these bones are mine."

Lily crashed after play.

Lily, deep asleep at one moment...

... and ready to go again in the next.

Drop dead tired sisters, Elsa can hardly keep her eyes open.

Because at that time Lily was such a rascal we got her a black collar with skulls and cross bones on it. At that age we had the puppies wearing the collars only every second day to be easy on their skin. That is why you always see only one puppy with a collar in all the photos where we captured all three of them together.

The pups ate like nothing else. At that age they got their puppy gruel five times within 24 hours. That meant feeding them about every five hours, day and night, because they were still so little without a mom providing a constant food source when they were hungry.

And of course shortly after they had been fed they needed to pee and poop. It is still unbelievable to me how often and how much these little puppies had to go potty, which required constant clean up.

You can imagine that was a quite intense time for my husband and I. It was equally wonderful as it was tiring. The constant sleep deprivation was the hardest for us. It didn't took long and it became clear to us that we needed help to raise them, otherwise it would have been impossible to keep doing our professional jobs.

It was really touching how eagerly they were seeking physical contact with us, I guess because my husband and I became a substitute for their mom.

Here you can see how hard the two black ones were to tell apart. That only goes for their looks, though. Temperament-wise, they were very different even at that young age.

Look at these cute paws and and nails!

In the meantime we tried to make sure to not neglect our two and a half year old red Dobie boy Skylar. While I took care of the puppies my husband went with him to the beach as often as possible. On this photo he is waiting impatiently for the tennis ball to be thrown, again.

Skylar wading through the cool water proudly carrying his tennis ball in his mouth.

Back to the puppies: They always fell asleep in the cutest positions.

Line-up of all three: A curious looking Elsa, a skeptical looking Princess and Lily in the back sound asleep.

Very typical for Princess, after being skeptical for a moment, she gets curious and comes over to investigate.

Cute, but at that time skinny and weak Elsa. We found out what most likely the cause for this was: She was full of roundworms! The backyard breeder told Susan Kelber, the woman, who initially rescued the puppies from him, that he had de-wormed them. But Susan was skeptical and decided to de-worm them herself just to be sure and we repeated the procedure 14 days later. Under our care alone at least six big nasty roundworms came out of Elsa's body! No wonder that the parasites limited her ability to take up nutrients. Things really got better from there and she started to catch up with the weight of her sisters. In the beginning we were really worried about Elsa, so you can imagine how relieved and thankful we were.  


...and cuter!

I always found that Elsa was the one with the most expressive features.

Gosh those eyes,...

...but she knew too, like her sisters, how to put her baby canines to good use. After all they are Doberman girls!

A sleeping Princess.

Elsa feeling safe and content in daddy's arm.

At the age of eight and nine weeks Elsa and Princess got adopted. Both went to good homes and Elsa has an adult Dobie brother and Princess an adult Dobie sister to keep them company in their new life.

We kept Lily for ourselves, since we were looking for a second Dobie for us and a companion for our Doberman boy Skylar for a long time.  

Hope you enjoyed my second post about the rescue Dobie litter! If you have missed the first one please click here and it will take you there. I will continue to post about the rescue puppies and show you how they grew and matured. 

As always thanks for stopping by! I also would like to welcome my new followers, I am very happy that you have decided to read my posts on a regular basis!

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  1. Soooo cute.....You understand I love this post Christina, you know I´m a rose addict but animals are above plants. I have read the puppy story with interest and scrolled up and down to admire the sweet photos, they are just adorable.
    Looking forward to more.
    Hugs from Holland,

    1. Janneke, your enthusiastic response to my puppy post makes me happy! I feel exactly like you do: I love my roses and my garden, but the dogs come first. Therefore my garden is pretty neglected at the moment, but there will be more and more time to take care of it as Lily gets older :-).

  2. Sweet story, thanks for sharing your foster adventure with us. I thought Elsa would have been the one to have stolen your hearts, but I was wrong. They all have wonderful new homes.

    Skylar and Lily will have a wonderful life with you and your dear husband.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. So cute but I have no doubt they were a handful to foster. I, too, guessed that you'd chosen to adopt Elsa and was surprised by your selection of the devilish Lily but I'm sure she'll keep Skylar on his toes!

  4. What a tremendously job jou have achieved to raise three puppies! They look cute. Groetjes Hetty

  5. They are so adorable! Really enjoyed seeing all the photos. I love puppies. I know what you mean about the amazing output. When Boris and Natasha were puppies--non stop cleanup.

    Lucky lucky puppies to have you taking care of them and giving them a good start. May they have long and happy lives.

  6. Oh so adorable they all are, I would have had a hard time sending two of them off and only chosen one of them :-) Like Janneke I am an animal lover just as much as a rose lover so I really appreciate reading these posts from you!

  7. Ohhhhh soooooo sweet Christina. This sweet angels are so lucky that you took them in your home. I hope they will find a lovely family one day.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. Liebe Christina,
    das war wieder ein schöner Post.
    Herrlich dass nun alle ein schönes Zuhause haben :-)
    Sie sind alle so süß und ich hätte mich kaum entscheiden können :-)
    Ganz liebe Grüße von Urte

  9. They are so darling! I love puppy breath! You are so sweet for taking care of these little orphans and finding them good homes, including your home for little Elsa. Such a happy ending! xx Karen

  10. Die sind aber goldig!
    So wunderhübsche Welpen!
    Mir würde es sehr schwer fallen mich von ihnen zu trennen. Aber so hat jemand das Glück einen treuen Freund an seiner Seite zu bekommen.
    Danke für die schönen und entzückenden Bilder.
    Alles Liebe,

  11. I'm smitten already but totally point blank refuse to show my son this post. He's desperate for another dog and is determined we are to get a Doberman pup but since he's got his hands full with Olli, I tell him he doesn't have the stamina.
    All three girls are gorgeous Christina and I so look forward to reading all about Sylar and Elsas' escapades. I'm sure there will be lots!

  12. Hi Christina, what a wonderful job you did! The puppies owe their lives and happiness to you. They are all so adorable. I was glad to catch up on their story. Sorry, not even a pretty rose is more adorable than a puppy! Best wishes to Lily. I am sure she will enjoy her home with wonderful parents and her brother Skylar!

    By the way, Lily was the name of our last doggie, rescued from a shelter. Lily lived a long and full life and is now buried in the woodland garden next to our black lab Jasmine, who was her very best friend.

  13. So cute but what a handful they must have been. Great that you have a companion for Skylar. Your home must still feel very full!