Sunday, October 16, 2016

September Roses

September was partly very hot this year here in San Diego inland and the roses struggled with the high temperatures and the low humidity and weren't really in a blooming mood. Add to that, that I was out of town for two weeks last month and it comes as a surprise that I was still able to take enough pictures worthy to be posted in my September Roses post, but here it is!

This is 'Koko Loko', one of my new ownroot Floribunda roses of this year. I think the brown blooms (yes, they are really of that brown color!) are absolutely stunning and very unusual. It would be lovely to use them in autumn bouquets, but my bush is still very little and I think I have to be patient and wait with that until next year.

I love this picture of the still tight rose bud.

Here is a fully opened flower of 'Koko Loko', where you can truly see the milk coffee like color of this rose. I am really looking forward to seeing this bush maturing and (hopefully) producing tons of these awesome blooms. So far the rose is healthy and growing well. It is not overly vigorous, but it is also not a puny plant either, which you can easily get with these odd ball colors.

'Auckland Metro' is a stalwart in my rose collection, on which I can really count on. 

I never get tired of this "inner glow" that this rose has. 

Over the years rosa 'Pierre de Ronsard' has become really humongous. The dimensions of this rose are really hard to see in this image, but just have in mind that the fence is six feet tall. Maybe that gives you a more clear idea of the size of this bush. For September the rose has been able to produce yet another decent flush. This is even more astounding, since I didn't get to fertilize it again after the summer flush.

Close-up of the blooms of 'Pierre de Ronsard'.

Rosa 'Pope John Paul II', another very reliable and much loved rose in my garden.

A rose which had a fantastic year so far is 'Pretty Jessica'. I find her globular blooms so endearing.

With rosa 'The Prince' I have a love/hate relationship: I love the color and outstanding fragrance of the blooms, but I hate the mildewed leaves, that this rose often gets in my garden.

Unfortunately, rosa 'Captain Christy' is still just a very puny bush in my garden and simply doesn't want to get stronger. I tried to pamper it in a big terracotta container, but nothing seems to help. Still the elusive, shell pink blooms make me want to try somewhat longer with this rose.

The unusually colored globular blooms, the health of the bush, the amount of flowers that this rose is able to produce with each flush and the strong pleasant fragrance make 'Charles Darwin' one of the best roses that I grow in my garden.

The blooms also last a long time in the vase...

... and the constant color changes that come with different temperatures make this rose always interesting to look at.

Rosa 'Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux', a very nice Tea Rose in my garden. Don't you just want to grow it for its beautiful and romantic name alone?

A rose which is characterized by its particularly beautiful and large flowers: Rosa 'Chandos Beauty'. This rose has one bad habit for me. In autumn it produces many very long canes that don't bloom, so called "blind shoots". I have no idea why, since I treat it the same way like all my other Hybrid Tea roses that don't show this phenomenon. It must have something to do with my climate.

Rosa 'Heritage' has also started to bloom again and is churning out her delicate soft pink blooms. The beauty of this rose is undeniable, but it is very fleeting. The flowers can drop their petals when it is hot within one day. And this is not an exaggeration!

Last but not least a perfect bloom of 'Moonstone'. Whereas previously on my blog I passionately defended roses from the title of being difficult primadonnas, this rose fully deserves it. You get incredible beautiful and perfect blooms when the rose is in the mood, but also a mildewy, sickly mess when it is not. 

Hope you are able to slow down a little bit, enjoy the autumn and still sniff some roses here and there. In case the roses are still flowering in your garden, which varieties are good autumn bloomers for you? Would you care to share? Please leave a comment, so that we rose lovers can all learn from each other. Many thanks!

See you in the garden!


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  1. It is dry and warm in our region too. I don't see many roses flowering this september month. Is it the weather? Maybe. I loved your roses, they flower like mad. Groetjes Hetty

  2. Todas se ven preciosas. Por aquí en Extremadura, España no se ven muchas rosas, con tanto calor se estropearon bastante. En mi jardín, quedan algunas muy pocas. Saludos.

  3. Hi Christina, it must be great joy to walk through your garden and see all these lovely roses! I adore 'Koko Loko'; a coffee-colored rose! Yummy! Still waiting for rain here. A few sturdy landscape roses, such as my Drift and Knock-outs, have a few blooms, as well as 'Red Cascade.'

    1. Deb, yes, it is wonderful that I can grow roses like this in Southern California at that time of the year. I can't wait to see what 'Koko Loko' is doing in the future, so far it looks certainly promising!

  4. You captured your beautiful roses in stunning autumn light. 'Koko Loco' sure has a fun name, and it's a beauty, too!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful! I really miss my roses. Thank you for sharing.

  6. So so, bei euch war es sehr heiß im September, hier auch, ließ ich mir sagen, aber sicher nicht so heiß wie bei dir. Ich war ja in Urlaub, kann also nicht berichten. Deine erste morbidefarbene Rose ist der Hammer, die würde ich auch setzen, wenn sie hier wachsen würden!


  7. Jetzt ist bei uns die Zeit der Rosenblüte vorüber, umso mehr erfreue ich mich über deine prachtvollen Bilder.
    Hab eine feine Zeit,

  8. September may have been a tough month but you still got a lot of beautiful blooms, Christina! I'm in love with 'Auckland Metro' and 'Charles Darwin' but there's not a rose in the collection your photographed that isn't a treasure.

    I hope you got some rain last night or this morning. I was shocked to wake up and discover that we got more than one quarter of an inch! I know it's not much by most standards but it's a break from the dry trend and my rain barrels collected a surprising amount of water from our roof.

  9. Such a great rose post. Love that rose 'Koko Loko', not for the name but the colour is so ...... well, I don't know how to say. I have a similar looking rose called Café, I keep it in the greenhouse because in the open air it seemed to be very weak. It's growing well now and has buds for the third time this year.
    At last I've put Auckland Metro on my wishlist, I know I can buy this rose here in our country and it's a strong one. Your splendid photos of this rose made my decisions plus the memory to our visit to New Zealand in the past. Charles Darwin is also laughing to me, o no, I have already so many roses......but may be. Pierre de Ronsard is still flowering here too, thanks to the beautiful autumn weather. And it grows very tall, like your rose. I think this rose is heavenly, that's why it's called Eden rose.
    Have a nice week Christina and hugs to your Dobermans.

    1. Janneke, I think the name of 'Koko Loko' is really off, it's a shame, since it is such a beautiful rose and deserves better.
      I noticed that in the last couple of years American rose breeders (or the companies that market their roses) have chosen some even more ridiculous names like for example 'Ketchup & Mustard'. Since the name of a rose is an important selling point, I wonder how they come up with this nonsense. I have to confess that I have refused to buy certain roses just because of their silly names.

  10. Beautiful as always! I love 'Koko Loko' and 'Charles Darwin'.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  11. Lovely to see all your gorgeous roses! 'Koko Loko' is certainly unusual and beautiful! My favorite has to be 'Pope John Paul'. It is just so perfect. My roses are done for the year here in WA state. My climate is so different than yours so I can't recommend any, but I do love the Rugosa roses here, as they are carefree and reliable bloomers. Always a joy to see your roses, Christina. xo Karen

  12. Funny I never gave roses much thought but now seeing them up close brings me much pleasure like a walk near Dad's home in Queens NY and seeing uncommon ones. Never really got the intrigue and beauty they bring. Anyway couldn't help but think of you when I saw 5 or 6 different kinds of roses his neighbor has growing in a tiny lot in the city. Can't really say 'Koko Loko' is my favorite because you have so many amazing roses but it sure is lovely.

  13. You have some collection! The brown rose is gorgeous, but I suppose it will not thrive here in the north. Which is also the truth for wonderful 'Pierre Ronsard' and 'The Prince'. 'Heritage', on the other hand, is doing very well. I can still enjoy the flowers while planting tulips and tiding the garden.

  14. Your roses are lovely. I have been unfirendly to my roses as of late. Any of them that aren't hardy in this climate I have been chopping out of the garden. I had 5 and now I am down to 2 good bloomers. Thank you for hosting at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Between the dry periods and blackspot, my roses are bloomless right now but cooler temps and lots of water are helping them pump out new foliage. Maybe I'll even get a few flowers before it gets too cold. I think your roses look beautiful! I hope to see you at the 2017 Capital Region Garden Bloggers Fling. I'm hosting! Check my blog for more info. :o)

  16. What stunning roses and photos. Your blog constantly makes me fall in love with roses. My favorite was the Auckland metro from all the roses that you showed. Absolutely gorgeous.

  17. Was für eine Rosenpracht noch im Herbst!
    Einfach ein Traum! Hier hat der Frost nun alles
    dahingerafft und die allerletzten Blüten
    wurden schockgefroren ;-)
    Liebe Grüße Urte

  18. I love how you presented the facts with such clarity. Great job!
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