Saturday, April 13, 2013

March Roses

Sorry for coming in late with my monthly rose post. I was gone on a trip and after that very busy in my professional and private life, with no time left to blog. But finally here they are, photos of my roses that have bloomed in March.

'Sweetness' was the earliest flowering Hybrid Tea rose in my garden this year. Her lavender colored blooms are opening always beautifully and are accompanied by a great fragrance.

The size of the blooms of 'Sweetness' is huge. Above you see a fully open one, heavy with water drops from the sprinkler system.

This year I fertilized 'Sweetness' a little more since it is growing in tough competition with the roots of a nearby Queen Palm tree...

 ...and got rewarded with many, many blooms. Much more than last year. I often feel that because in my garden I almost always have palm tree roots interfering with the roots of the roses, I hardly can over-fertilize or over-water any of my roses. But keep in mind, that I am only using organic fertilizers, which are not as potent and long lasting as most of the chemical ones.

Above you can see 'Pope John Paul II', another one of my Hybrid Tea roses, which was ready to pop by the end of March.

Close-up of the buds of 'Pope John Paul II'.

Now this is exciting news to me! In my last post about the roses in my garden (February Roses) I was complaining that my Tea Rose 'Georgetown Tea' wasn't blooming at all, even though it is supposed to be able to flower throughout the winter.


I made a commitment to fertilize and water the rose religiously at least for a few month and see what happens. And guess what, after I started the new regimen the rose broke out into a flush of lovely blooms.

They have the typical Tea Rose habit to nod and often hide a little bit in the foliage. I feel that there is a special charm to the form of Tea Rose blooms,...


...but I am sure they are not everyone's favorite. My 'Georgetown Tea' has started to build a nicely formed bush after being the second year in the ground. I will show you photos of the whole plant in one of the next posts.

'Old Fashioned Girl', a miniature rose, is truly a bloom machine in my garden. Not long ago she finished her winter flush and in March she started her new spring flush already, again.

The first spring flush spray is showing a lot of proliferation (green core in the center of the bloom), but that will stop very soon, at least so I hope.

But there are also very well formed blooms.

Here you see the first spray from a different angle. It is amazing to me how many flowers there were on just one single spray. 

'Vi's Violet', another miniature rose, full of buds as well.

Close-up of a bloom of 'Vi's Violet'. I really do like the flower shape of the rose.

The blooms of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' always open in a perfect way.

New, fresh, green foliage and plenty of buds is enough to get me excited. Here you see a promising looking 'Grandmother's Hat'.

'Lavender Crystal', a miniature rose, is the only rose that I have in my garden, which was bred by a Japanese rose breeder.

Hitoshi Asami, created this lovely rose before 1985.

'Lavender Crystal' has a very distinct flower form, which is more obvious when the blooms are fully open and the blooms show a very lovely shade of lavender. Unfortunately, this rose suffers from blackspot in my garden, which is unusual, since I don't have much blackspot pressure where I live in Southern California.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the first rose blooms of March, which announced the beginning spring flush 2013. This is such an exciting time in my rose garden right now, I can't wait to show you more pictures!

See you in the garden!