Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July Roses

Sorry for coming in a bit late with my monthly post about the most beautiful roses that have been blooming in my garden, but here it finally is.

July is traditionally a tough month for the roses to bloom well here in San Diego inland, since most of the time it is way too hot for them to be comfortable. But despite the seasonal challenge and my neglect of not fertilizing the roses since spring, I got plenty of wonderful blooms. There were many more, than I show here in this post, but unfortunately I couldn't make the time to photograph them all. Lily, our little Doberman puppy girl, still keeps me pretty occupied!

Rosa 'Charles Darwin', a beautiful yellow David Austin rose, was a total standout in July!

It produced the most blooms out of all my roses last month and therefore gets the honor of opening this blog post. 

What I love about this rose is that it coloration is so changeable, even though I know that this trait drives some other people crazy.

But whatever its color is, it is never garish like some other yellow roses can be. Most of the time it is a muted warm yellow in my garden with hints of apricot fading to a very light almost cream yellow. But it can be a strong saturated golden yellow or beige as well.  

In addition to the beautiful coloration this rose has a warm fruity fragrance that I love very much. 

The blooms are very full and still have a decent size despite the heat. This is one of the few rose varieties in my garden that I have two specimen of, because it is such an outstanding rose. I enjoy them very much!

The reliable, very floriferous rosa 'Our Lady of Guadalupe'. If only this rose wouldn't be so powdery mildew ridden in my garden...

Another rose that I was very impressed with last month is 'Pretty Jessica'. I think this rose is having her best year ever. I am in love with the beautiful shade of cool pink of the rose and adore the cabbage shape of the flowers.

So far it never bloomed much in my garden, but maybe it is finally established enough to churn out a more decent amount of flowers. Fragrance is absolutely wonderful, too!

It always surprises me, that this rose is not more popular. David Austin himself, even though it is his creation, is not selling this rose anymore and I would be very interested to know why. 

Another rose that did astonishingly well in the heat of July was 'Pierre de Ronsard'. The summer flush was almost as good as the one in spring. Simply gorgeous!

The individual blooms of 'Pierre de Ronsard' are very stunning, too. All in all a wonderful rose in my garden, but it does get bugged by rose rust, if the weather conditions are right.

My husband did this shot of rosa 'Pink Pet'. It lets the bloom appear much bigger than it is in reality, but it shows how complex the small flowers of this cute, little but tough, rose really are, if you are looking closely at them. 

Rosa 'Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux' one of my most favorite Tea rose.

The Hybrid Tea rose 'Chandos Beauty' showing off her pretty blooms. I like the background in this photo. It complements the colors of 'Chandos Beauty' so well.

Zooming in on the flower spray of 'Chandos Beauty'.

Rosa 'White Meidiland' is planted in a very shady spot in my garden, where almost no other rose would do. But this one is able to flower well there and its leaves are completely healthy. So if you are looking for a rose that can take quite a bit of shade, this one might be your ticket. Just have in mind, that it has a very unique, low growing, sprawling growth habit.

The individual flower sprays are little bouquets in themselves.

Freshly cut flowers of rosa 'Mary Rose' on a very hot day. They are just plonked in a Guinness glass, to be brought indoors and arranged more carefully into a little bouquet. I never got around to take a photo of the finished bouquet, but I think this little informal plonk is worth making it on my blog.

It has been awfully hot here in the last three days (around 96 degrees F/36 degrees Celsius) and I am looking forward to the temperatures cooling down from tomorrow on, again. At least that is what they are supposed too...

I hope your summer is going well, no matter where you are!

See you in the garden!



  1. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful roses!

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

    1. Lorraine, thank you very much for your very regular comments on my blog, they are very much appreciated!

  2. Yes, very hot here, too, 96.6 at 2:39 pm. My roses have just quit blooming, some have scorched leaves despite a weekly watering program, that is, all except the ever reliable 'Cecile Bruner'.

    I'm envious of yours and so heavily petalled. Gorgeous things.

  3. Very nice! I miss my Mary Rose , one of the few roses that failed to survive being dug up and relocated. So interesting what a few hundred miles means to the rose culture. My Our Lady of G. get zero disease of any kind, and Pierre is covered with rust and black spot. Your Pierre is so beautiful !

  4. Your roses put my paltry blooms to shame, Christina. 'Charles Darwin' is incredible - its mutability is an asset in my view. I love 'Chandos Beauty' too. Please give Lily and Skylar a pat on the head for me. (I'd love to get a dog but my husband is adamantly opposed to the idea.)

  5. What a lovely roses you have in your garden Christina. What a scent they must bring you having the sun on theire heads. So gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    Warm wishes Marijke

  6. Están preciosas, las mías están muy agotadas con tanto calor de 35 a 40 grados. Besos.

  7. Despite the heat, your roses look beautiful. Groetjes Hetty

  8. Always enjoy seeing and reading about your roses Christina. 'Charles Darwin' is such an intriguing rose, and one which has been on my wish list for some time. I love the colour changes, and it is sometimes a most unusual colour, which I know not everyone likes, but I think is lovely. Your photos show the variations so well.
    I am amazed that they all cope so well in the heat, and they are a credit to you, as they all look so healthy.
    PS - would love to see a photo of your new baby, Lily, sometime !

  9. Oh, my goodness, your roses are exquisite... Mine are always so puny... I just do not have the knack.... but you have inspred me at least to go out and do a bit of weeding .. these hot days and showers have turned my flower bed into a tangle!!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment and I am now your latest groupie.. I mean follower! Have a great weekend!!

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