Sunday, February 5, 2017

And Then There Were Only Two

Do you remember the three little four weeks old rescue Doberman puppies that we took on in April last year? Today I would like to go back in time and continue their story.

Elsa, the red one, had just left us. The picture above is one of the last photos that we took of her while she was playing with our red Doberman boy Skylar. She found a home with a police officer and has another Doberman boy to play with.

Now suddenly we were down to two almost identical looking black Doberman puppy girls, Lilly and Princess, and our own red adult Doberman boy. I vividly recall how much less work it was to have only two puppies to care for but also how much we missed sweet little Elsa.

I still feel a sting in my heart when I look at her photos. She was incredibly cute, adorable and beautiful, but we couldn't keep more than one puppy. So we had to make a decision and let Elsa go first. We had two more weeks before we needed to finally decide which puppy to keep out of the two remaining black ones and the photos in this post are from these last two weeks, where both of them were with us. The puppies were about nine to ten weeks old.

Lilly snuggling on my lap. Who can resist such an innocent little face?

Do you also love puppy paws? Princess exhausted after a bath sleeping on my lap wrapped up in a warm towel.

Princess, following the big ones lead.

The energy level and enthusiasm, here Princess running full speed, with which the puppies conquered their world never failed to amaze me.

Always curious and...


"Can I whisper something in your ear"?

Skylar and Princess sharing an intimate moment.

"What are you sniffing? I want to sniff that, too."

"Oh, you are playing with a stick, let me play with you!"

Even as young puppies they could do very quick turns on a dime.

The puppies were always all over Skylar wanting to play with him, but also testing the boundaries and sometimes simply being obnoxious. Most of the time Skylar was very patient and tolerant with them, but sometimes when he really couldn't take it anymore, even he got cranky. We had to constantly watch, supervise, and make sure that he got a timeout from all the puppy silliness and also that none of the puppies got hurt.

Each evening before we all would go to bed we had a ritual. My husband and I were going into the X-pen in which we kept the puppies overnight and cuddle with them. Skylar would sometimes join as well.

It really felt like a family is together.

The puppies were tired from the day and usually climbed on my husband's and or on my lap and Skylar would be in the middle between us making sure that he wasn't excluded.

Princess leaning on my husband's leg, Lilly on my lap looking up to me.

Princess banging her little paw on Skylar's head. Somehow that was one of the puppies favorite things to do and understandably Skylar didn't always like it.

Lilly has been fallen asleep after a long exciting day in my lap and Skylar is checking her out. 

As I said earlier, at this point, we had two more weeks to come up with our final decision which puppy to keep. It was a very tough and difficult decision to make. Come back for my next post and find out, which puppy would stay with us. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at some more Doberman puppy photos and also seeing our big boy Skylar again!

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  1. Dear Christina, what a dilemma! How can you choose. Maybe it is best to toss. Groetjes Hetty

  2. I can imagine just how difficult it must have been to choose just one of these adoreable puppies, but Skylar too is such a good natured dog in the way he has been so accepting of these playful puppies into his life.

    1. Rosemary, yes, it was very hard to choose, but on the other hand I kept reminding me that we were very fortunate to pick the puppy that was best suited for us and Skylar in terms of its temperament and its energy level.
      I am glad that you point out what a good natured dog Skylar is to put up with the puppies and share his home with them. I really think that is true, especially since he is a male and doesn't have the maternal instincts that a female could develop towards the puppies. Truth to be told though, as I said already in my post, sometimes he did get grumpy with them, and we needed to correct him to protect the puppies.
      Nonetheless, Skylar is an amazing dog with a very good temperament and we are so lucky to have him in our life. No puppy cuteness will make me ever forget that!

  3. Who will be the one? So hard! Looking forward to finding out. They're all so cute!!

  4. Wow, what a hard decision to have to make!

    They are beautiful/handsome dogs ~ Happy February ~ FlowerLady

  5. Son preciosos, es muy difícil elegir. Besitos.

  6. A difficult decision without question but the most important thing is that they all found good homes.

    1. Kris, I couldn't agree more and we believe all three of them ended up finding good homes!

  7. Too cute! It'll be Sophie's Choice: Puppy Edition...

  8. They are all so beautiful. You are very kind for raising these little sweeties. It is a difficult decision to let them go, but they had such a good and loving start. xx K

    1. Karen, the puppies were all beautiful in their own ways, which can be seen in the photos, but what can't been seen is that they all had such good and loving temperaments, too, which made the choosing even harder.
      Thank you so much for your kind words about that we raised the puppies!

  9. Hi Christina!
    It must be difficult to choose. Princess and Lily, what beautiful names, and lovely puppies.
    Have a nice day /best regards Marika

  10. Best of luck. Loved seeing the photos of your pups.

  11. Puppies are so cute. I love watching them play!! Looking forward to learning which one you kept. Both are precious!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Jann, yes, puppies are so cute and adorable. And when they are not sleeping or eating they play all the time. I also loved to watch them play together and they made me smile very often. Sometimes our Dobie girls played so rough with each other though, that I was really holding my breath.

  12. I will have to check out your other posts on the puppies. We've been thinking about getting a puppy for our dog, Leo, who is @ 8 years old (we think). Leo is a pointer/lab mix, and the sweetest boy. He was a rescue that our son Aaron brought to Ohio from Montana in 2012. They lived with us, and when Aaron died in 2013, we kept Leo (of course!), and we just love him so much. We have a commercial photography studio in downtown Cleveland, and Leo comes to work with us ever day. He's the best greeter, and clients just love him :). The photo you showed of the "puppy paws" is super sweet. Carl and I are always saying how much we love puppy paws!

    1. Cynthia, first I want to say that I am very sorry to read that your son died in 2013, that must be very, very hard for you.
      I am so glad that you have Leo, he sounds like a real joy to have around. I always think that dogs have so much to give and they ask for very little in return.
      Glad to have found another puppy paw lover ;-)!

  13. You do much to encourage people that Dobermans are good pets with the right owners. I don't think I could do what you have done--fostered and then had to release one. Thank goodness for kindhearted people like you, but it would break my heart. Your dog photography is incredible!

    1. Beth, Dobermans make wonderful pets, they are absolutely incredible, loyal, sweet, and smart dogs. That being said, they need exercise, attention and training to be fulfilled otherwise they find things to do that we may not like as much as they do ;-)!
      It was very hard to let go of two puppies, but there was no alternative. We couldn't keep three puppies in addition to our own adult Doberman, but we hope that the other two found good homes and we have the impression that they did.
      Fostering literally can save the life of a dog and knowing that I think it is so worth it. Even though it hurts to let the fosters go, you can get so attached to them in such a short time!

  14. The puppies are so adorable. I don't envy you having to decide.

  15. What gorgeous puppies. I hope Elsa has a long and happy life with her new people. We met an 11 month Doberman and his human in the park yesterday--he was gorgeous, healthy, and obviously much loved. Natasha thought he was quite attractive--Boris, a little unsure.

  16. The cuteness oozing from these photos is too much! I want one! How could you decide?!

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