Sunday, January 24, 2016

'Gardens Now and Then' Spring Garden Tour 2015: Cozy Casita - I, The Front Yard

One weekend in April last year I woke up and my husband told me that he just read in the newspaper that that day would be the "Gardens Now and Then" garden tour of the Horticultural Society of San Diego, which I am a member of. For some reason I missed that info, but decided on the fly to change my plans for that day and have a look. I couldn't make it there before lunch time and out of the twelve gardens that you could possibly see, I was only able to visit three, but one of them was absolutely amazing. I stayed there for a long time simply admiring the beauty of this garden and couldn't stop taking photos.

In the program for that garden tour, which was organized and sponsored by the Horticultural Society of San Diego and the San Diego Floral Association, the garden was titled as Cozy Casita, which says more about the house, a beautiful 1938 Spanish Mission Style home, than the garden itself, so I had no idea what to expect. But let me tell you to visit this garden was a real treat. It belongs to the President of the San Diego Horticultural Society and his partner and was created over the last 17 years. They certainly poured their love, creativity and hard work into this garden and I am sure on top of that a lot of money, too. I wanted to blog about this garden forever and I am happy that finally the day has come where I can share it with you.

Isn't that a stunning scene that greats you when you are approaching the house? They used a lot of heat and drought tolerant plants in this part of the garden.

I love these blue glazed terracotta containers!

A terracotta bowl planted with succulents can be quite fascinating, if it is done right.

The house itself is beautiful, but there is a lot of garage and very little front yard to garden with, when you analyse the photo closely. But this tiny front yard is so well designed that it really grabs and holds your attention.

Have you ever seen a succulent in this color and form? I actually didn't. I think this is an absolutely fascinating plant. 

Imagine these blue containers wouldn't be there. They are really such eye catchers. 

Here is a look at the second grouping of the containers. The combination of the different shapes, sizes and proportions is so well done. Here was someone at work with a truly artistic eye!

I think this is a container usually used for growing strawberries. Planted up with succulents it becomes a totally cool thing!

A closer look at the small island bed in front of the house. I think it is so well planted and I love the use of the palms together with the succulents. 

I found the color of this succulent quite fascinating!

This gray green palm is so beautiful and another eye catcher in my book.

Totally love this agave. The combination with the blue lobelia really make both plants pop. I wonder though, if the lobelias just have been planted for the garden tour event, since I assume that agaves and lobelias have very different water needs.

Last view of the whole front yard. I think it so incredible well done and maintained. Are you hocked by now? If the answer is yes, then please come back for more. I will try to do the next entry about the courtyard that lies behind the lovely white wall soon. It was equally fascinating. 

See you in the garden!


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  1. So beautiful Christina!!! WOW! I was taken by the planters and the various colors in the succulents!!! Just outstanding! And so happy to be visiting you here today! Wishing you a lovely week friend! Nicole xo

    1. Nicole, so nice to see a comment from you after such a long time!

  2. Me encanta Christina, esperando la próxima entrada. Besitos y gracias.

  3. Indeed a wonderful little frontgarden. The blue glazed containers match gorgeously with the grey greenish succulents.

  4. What an interesting and colorful front garden. I look forward to seeing what is over the wall. :-)

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  5. Dear Christina:
    I am always amazed at all the various types and styles of gardens and this is a perfect example. Definitely not Colorado! Ha! All those succulents look right at home soaking up the sun! So glad you shared this garden.

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful garden. Amazing what a a different plants àre growing around the world.
    Wish you a beautiful day christina

  7. Dear Christina, there is a lot of inspiration for you in this drought tolerance garden. The blue glazed pots could work in your garden too. I remember seeing one in your garden. Ask some more on your birthday. Groetjes,

    1. Hetty, this garden was indeed very inspiring for me! I have a little collection of blue glazed containers already, but they are all much smaller than what they used in this garden. I have thought about getting some bigger ones for the front yard, arrange them in a grouping for more impact and plant them up with something interesting, just wish the containers weren't so expensive. Unfortunately my birthday is over, alas no pots, buts lots of other lovely garden stuff ;-)!

  8. Wow, was für ein Blau!
    Tolle Übertöpfe haben sie in diesem Garten!
    Sie könnten mir auch sehr gefallen :-)