Thursday, January 14, 2016

December Roses

Somehow last month the pale pink, pink, off-white or white roses have captivated my attention. I think I will never get tired of these soft muted colors.

The most beautiful rose that was blooming last month, with no doubt, was 'Belinda's Dream'.

I bought this slightly pink Hyacinth forcing glass last autumn and I love to us it as a vase for pink roses. There is something about how the tinted glass picks up the pink hues of the roses.

To me the pale pink very full flowers of 'Belinda's Dream' are irresistible. 

'Mary Rose' with her easy going, unpretentious, happy blooms.

'Mary Rose'

My 'Climbing Iceberg' was also blooming profusely last month.

A rose that didn't bloom much, but managed to churn out a few of her gorgeous blooms, after generously being fertilized a few weeks ago, is 'Georgetown Tea'.

'Georgetown Tea', again. Here is the flower a little bit more open.

I love how the out petals fold backwards in the mature rose flowers of 'Georgetown Tea'. So graceful!

'Moonstone' bud.

Only can admire the elegance of the buds of this rose!

A rare sight in my garden: A bloom of 'Captain Christy'. Unfortunately the rose is still a very weak grower and mildews. But the old fashioned charm of the blooms is quite enchanting. 

'Our Lady of Guadalupe' in the winter morning sun.

Same rose photographed under different light conditions. 

'Our Lady of Guadalupe', once again in the morning sun. This rose is one of my most profuse bloomers and has one the quickest repeat. But it mildews since I have it (probably five years or longer) under certain conditions regularly. I know I can have completely or almost completely disease resistant roses in my garden and even though it is a pretty rose I am considering to take it out and try another variety instead.   

But when 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' is good, it is really good. 

'Marie Pavie' a rose that never fails to mesmerize me with her delicate charm. 

'Pierre de Ronsard' looking down on me against the clear blue California winter sky.

'Pretty Jessica' is not a generous bloomer in my garden, but I love her color, form of the blooms and her delicious fragrance. On top of that this rose is completely healthy year round. 

Hope you enjoyed to see some roses, that were blooming last December in my garden. I know that most of my readers are facing a very different garden reality at this time of the year. Wishing you that winter is not too hard on you or your plants.

See you in the garden!


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  1. Yes, winter has set in strong here in the Midwest, which makes a visit to your blog that much more delightful. I agree--the soft, muted tones have a special place in my heart. All of these are stunning roses. :)

    1. Beth, thanks for your nice comment! Glad we share the love for soft muted colors. I am already so much looking forward to the spring flush this year, especially to the flowers of my new rose additions.

  2. They all are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the beauty. Love the colors, and the scent must be so lovely.

  3. So many beautiful soft pinks ! Your roses are outstanding even in December. Love the bouquet :) Have a lovely weekend, my dear !

  4. What a fab selection for the time of the year, and love the cover photo too!

  5. What a treat to see more of your beautiful roses.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. As usual, your roses are beautiful, Christina. I would be sad to see 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' disappear from your garden.

    1. Thanks, Kris! I have three plants of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' in my garden and for now I am thinking of only removing one. So this variety won't disappear from my garden. I have to admit that I am having a hard time of letting go of just this one plant, because the flowers of this are so very pretty and it is such a good bloomer, but the powdery mildew issue is simply annoying.

  7. The pink petals are very pretty, but 'Climbing Iceberg' is by far the coolest!

  8. To see so many roses in december.... It makes me envious. Beautiful colors. Groetjes,

  9. Your photos are pure romance! I have a special fondness for pink roses. I am especially charmed by Captain Christy's blooms.

    1. Deb, thanks for your nice words about my photos! 'Captain Christy' can be an incredible beautiful rose, but he has been sulking last year in my garden and was plagued by powdery mildew. Hope this year will be a better one for him. I would love to see his blooms again, when they are at their best!

  10. Découvrir la floraison de tes roses quand la France grelotte est un enchantement.Surtout qu'elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres.J'ai un gros coup de coeur pour Notre dame de Guadelupe qui permet a donné des photos gratifiantes. Ce rosier que je ne possède pas est doté d'un charme fou mais toutes les variétés qui illustrent ce message ont la couleur douce que nous aimons beaucoup et la délicatesse qui les singularisent.
    Belle soirée...jocelyne

  11. What a delicious taste of summer on a frosty January morn! Belinda's Dream is a truly scrumptious shade, and I am a huge fan of good old Iceberg. Lovely!

  12. Dear Christina:
    So beautiful. This is amazing to me that these roses could exist at this time of year. I am enchanted with all of them but "Belinda's Dream" took the prize from me! So glad you shared at my blog party!

  13. Hi Christina,
    Belindas dream is really wonderful. I have never seen such a wonderful one. All your other roses are very pretty too. Thank you or sharing.

  14. All so lovely! I am a sucker for all roses, but, like you Christina, I love the pastels. 'Belinda's Dream' is a new one to me but very beautiful.I have Bonica bravely blooming in a very chilly garden here !

  15. YES 'Belinda's Dream' is my favorite also. Of course they're all lovely.
    I'm loving your temps... oh, wait I don't live in San Diego. Of all the places we've visited in the states you live in the BEST for climate and can't forget about the ocean.

  16. Hach ich liebe deine Dezemberrosen!
    Was für eine Pracht :-)