Friday, January 21, 2011

January Roses

Coming from Germany I still can not believe that you can have rose flowers in January, but my roses show me otherwise. Most of them are pruned now so of course they are not flowering, but the ones that I didn't get to yet and many roses that are young first year roses, which I don't cut back, are blooming for me here in Southern California in the middle of the winter.

(you can click on the photos to enlarge)

Pope John Paul II. This rose is one of the best white Hybrid Tea roses that I know. For some people it is a finicky rose, but in my garden it is fabulous and spoils me with sumptuous white flowers like this. On top of that it has a very strong fragrance. I really wouldn't be without it. 

Georgetown Tea. As the name indicates this rose belongs to the class of the Tea roses. This winter GT has given me the most beautiful and biggest flowers ever. Probably a nightmare for rose exhibitors, but I like the nodding, large, cupped blooms very much and find they are truly elegant. It has a light Tea rose fragrance to my nose. This rose is very special to me, because I got it as a gift from a befriended Rosarian. Thank you Masha!

Nimbus. An older Floribunda bred by LeGrice, 1989. The darker color on the edges of the petals visually emphasizes the spiral form of the opening bud. Have never seen the coloration that intense at this stage.

Marie Pavie, Polyantha. Somehow I still don't know what to think about this rose. She is trying very hard to make me liking her. The rose literally bloomed through the whole year and seems to almost peak in winter. For now she stays in the garden.

Madame Melanie Willermoz. Another Tea rose that I got as a present from a friend recently. Many thanks to you, Ingrid! After putting her in a five gallon pot and fertilizing her she is giving me the first blooms, right now. Can't wait how they look when they are fully open. I am so excited about that, especially since this is a rose that you don't see that often. 

Le Vesuve. The experts still are debating if this rose is a China or a Tea rose, but whatever it might be it is for sure very pretty. So far it is an unfussy grower, with shiny dark green leaves and lovely pale pink flowers.

The Prince. This is by far the darkest rose in my garden at least in the bud state. Since it is the first flower that this rose is producing for me I can't say too much about it yet, but it looks very promising.

Another shot of Georgetown Tea. I just love the delicate look of the bloom.

At the end one more picture of the perfect blooms of Pope John Paul II.

Hope these photos of my rose flowers bring a little bit of joy to you!

See you in the Garden!



  1. I enjoyed looking at your rose photos. I wish I have more space to grow them. We only have one and it make me smile when I see new bloom. Please join "Seed Week" if you like too.

  2. Lovely roses, Christina! Beautiful photography, too. I am glad GT is doing well for you. The picture of Price is wonderful, I love that yellowish streaky background.

  3. 'The Prince' is very good. You will like it. The foliage can be rather sparse which allows the canes to sunburn. A little afternoon shade therefore is helpful to the plant. Excellent photos, PJPII is a favorite of mine as well.

  4. Malay-Kadazan girl, great that you stopped by from South Australia! I am glad that you liked my pictures. Having one rose is definitively better than having none :-). If you have little space available, did you consider to grow miniature roses? They can be quite cute.

    Masha, thanks for your nice comment! Somehow I got lucky when I shot the photo of The Prince. It is my favorite picture out of the batch in this post. The yellow streaky background is an out of focus pigmy date palm leave.

    Hoover Boo, will follow your advice and put The Prince in a place with afternoon shade. Thanks for your compliment on my photos!

  5. Beautiful photos! PJPII is so lovely, so classic HT.
    It's Wonderful to know that there are roses blooming out there somewhere not too far away.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sandra, I am glad that you liked my photos and thanks for your nice comment!

  7. Thanks, meemsnyc! I am glad you enjoyed them!