Saturday, January 1, 2011

Humble Beginnings

Most things in life start small and in a humble way, which is definitively true for my blog but also for my new roses. Since two years ago I order most roses for my garden from specialty nurseries and they arrive own root as bands as you can see on the photos.

For this year I got from Heirloom Roses Crocus Rose, Charles Darwin, Jude the Obscure, White Meidiland

as well as Herbie, Jilly Jewel, Lavender Jewel, Overnight Scentsation, and Moonlight Scentsation. 

William Shakespeare 2000 and Charles Darwin came from Chamblee's Rose Nursery.

Sweet Chariot, Baronne Edmund de Rothschild, Mme. Caroline Testout and a mystery (mislabeled rose that they sent with your order for free) were received from Rogue Valley Roses.

As a very special gift I got Wedding Cake (on the left) from a dear Rosarian friend as a Christmas present. Wedding Cake is a rose that I was unable to obtain for years and I am so happy that I have it now in my rose collection. My second rose present was Lavender Crystal on the right.

I hope you watch these babies growing together with me.

Happy New Year to everyone!

See you in the garden!



  1. Christina, Wonderful Blog!
    I'll be happy to watch your roses grow.
    Best wishes as your blog developes! Have Fun!
    I long for Sweet Chariot, so it will be very interesting to me to see how yours matures.

  2. Sandra, thank you very much for your nice and encouraging comment regarding my new blog!
    I am very curious what Sweet Chariot will do in my garden myself.

  3. I am so excited to see these roses come into bloom this summer. I am really interested in jilly jewel..

  4. steph_gem, I can't wait to see all the bands flower for the first time, too. Lavender Jewel has already produced a bud!