Monday, July 4, 2016

Bringing The Roses In

Usually I am pretty reluctant to cut roses for bringing indoors and prefer to enjoy them in the garden, but with the summer heat upon us, things have changed a little. A rose bloom that is lovely in the early morning easily is fried by noon, so by cutting them and bringing them into the air conditioned house I actually prolong their life and have a better chance to appreciate their beauty up close.

So on Thursday last week I went out with the secateurs and came across these two flowers of rosa 'Bewitched'. All I needed to do is putting them in a simple glass vase and place them on the mantle of our fireplace and they brightened up my day.

The blooms of 'Bewitched' are ideal for cutting, if you like the classic Hybird Tea rose flower form.

Almost each bloom of this rose comes out perfectly and has the great damask fragrance, that I love so much.

A day later on Friday, the roses looked like this. They were so much more open and had reached the perfect stage. I was surprised how fast they unfolded even in the air conditioned house, but we don't turn up the air condition very high, so our house does get warm.

Rosa 'Bewitched' has a lovely shade of clear pink, that is not garish in any way, just soft and feminine...

...and very elegant blooms.

I got such a ridiculous amount of joy out of these two roses, that I had to share them with you. They are still sitting on the mantle today, but are fading beauties by now. Considering the pleasure that they brought me, I intend to change my attitude and cut some roses for indoors more often.

Talking about this, it reminds me that Cathy from the blog Rambling in the Garden each week on Monday encourages people to go out into their gardens and cut some flowers for the house. My roses are cut last week Thursday, but I hope she and the other participants of this meme don't mind. Because of my work I am never able to cut flowers, photograph and do a blog post about them within a day. So today I take my chances and will take part in this meme for the first time.

I am off now to Cathy's blog to see what she has in her vase today and also admire the creations of the other participants of this meme. Would you like to follow me? Please click on the link above or below this post.

Wishing my American readers a happy 4th of July!

See you in the Garden!


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  1. Your roses are lovely! I did the same today: cutting roses that could only fry in the heat outdoors, though mine weren't in pristine condition to begin with ;-) I love the classic beauty of your pink teas in glass...

  2. So pretty... I really like it. Beautiful color.

  3. It's an elegant rose, Christina! Good for you to allow yourself an opportunity to enjoy them at their peak. I used to avoid cutting anything in my garden but I've found great enjoyment in getting into the habit of preparing vases - the house doesn't seem the same when there are none. After all, there are only so many daylight hours...

  4. Yes, now you have brought us all great joy by sharing your stunning Roses! I'm imagining the scent ...

  5. I don't know the rose 'Bewitched' but it is a real beauty and I can imagine her lovely fragrance. It's always nice to have some roses in the house, especially when it's outside so hot that they are baked like eggs.
    Many regards from a rainy Holland.

  6. As you say Christina, this is such a perfect rose and in both earlier and later photos. They didn't need any embellishment and I am so glad you felt able to cut them and bring them inside to share with us as well. Many of us participants were reluctant to cut in the past but the IAVOM habit is now so engrained that Mondays don't come round fast enough! The pleasure we gain from our gardens is now extended by bringing some of our gardens inside. Thank you so much for joining us

  7. Those are such lovely blooms and I love the way you displayed them. It was neat seeing that they opened up more after coming indoors. Thanks for sharing. I am going to visit the link you gave.

    Have a good week Christina ~ FlowerLady

  8. These are gorgeous in each stage...I think I love them as they are just beginning to unfurl....a perfect vase!

  9. Están preciosas. A mi no me gusta cortar las flores del jardín, pero a veces merece la pena. Besos.

  10. Dear Christina,
    what lovely roses!
    Some years ago I too felt reluctant about cutting roses for indoors, but now where I have many of them I enjoy having some indoors in June when all of them are in full bloom and when it does not seem to make much difference when some blooms in my garden are missing. At the moment only a few roses in my garden are blooming and thus I would not cut them for the vase. It would make me feel as if something was missing in the garden. Enjoy your beautiful roses!
    Kind regards,

  11. Those are just gorgeous roses! I have such a weakness for roses. Thanks for sharing what delighted you in that little glass vase.

  12. Two roses, I'm loving the simplicity!

  13. Such precious blooms. How sweet that they brought you so much joy. I too have roses in my garden and I always cut a few to admire indoors. They are little gemsin our garden.

    Thank you for visiting me. So glad you came to visit.


  14. Hi Christina, your pink bloom are lovely! They do have such a clear pink coloring and so well formed. It is such a gift to have nature's beauty all around us. I too am reluctant to bring blooms in, but you are so right about the summer heat. And the flowers indoors bring such joy to life!

  15. Dear christine, you are so right to put some of these roses indoors. The weather must be hot having air conditioning inside! I suggest to do it every week, so you get used to it, don't feel ashamed. I do the same. Groetjes Hetty

  16. Hi Christina! What beautiful roses. I´m just like you, I prefere the flowers in my garden, but it is nice to have them indoors aswell.
    Have a lovely day /Marika

  17. Hello Christina, your roses are exquisite! I can understand not wanting to cut your roses, but sometimes you have to bring in some beauty just for yourself. Thank you for sharing their loveliness <3 x Karen

  18. Hi Christina:
    What an extraordinary and perfect rose you have produced! It is amazing. Thanks for sharing and linking!

  19. Your roses are beautiful! I have aimed at organic gardening this year and it is easier than I thought it would be.

  20. Liebe Christina,
    früher hab ich auch noch nicht so viele für die Vase rein geholt.
    aber mittlerweile sind es so viele hunderte von Blüten.
    Außerdem musste ich sehr viele vor dem Hagel und Regen retten.
    Und drinnen erfreuen sie ja auch unser Herz.
    Deine Bewitched ist jedenfalls wunderschön :-)
    Ganz viele liebe Sommergrüße
    sendet dir die Urte

  21. Hello,
    those are beautiful roses. This glass bottles make them very well.
    Greetings Eva

  22. Yes very elegant . You have lots of linky's I have to check out. Have a great weekend.

  23. Beautiful rose, I can almost smell it over here :-)
    I don’t normally cut roses to take indoors either, I am too afraid of dragging pests indoors that can infect my orchids and other houseplants – but I often fill a vase or two to have on my garden table as I enjoy the luxury of having cut flowers :-)

  24. Wundervolle Rosenbilder!
    Ich schneide mir auch gerne ein, zwei Blüten für die Vase oder hänge sie zum Trocknen auf. So habe ich auch später noch eine Erinnerung an den Sommer.
    Eine schöne Sommerwoche und alles Liebe,

    1. Hi Manuela, a warm welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment and becoming a follower!
      I haven't cut any more roses after the ones for this post, but we are expecting high temperatures in two days, so maybe it is time to do it, again.
      I have never tried to dry roses from my garden, but this is a very good idea. I think, I will try it out.

  25. Beautiful :)
    After some hesitation I cut a few roses today too...

  26. Hay Christina,

    What a lovely roses, I love the
    pink color so much...
    And your pictures are so beautiful!

    I will follow your blog...

    Love from Marijke from The Netherlands XXX

  27. No wonder we love roses! They give so much.

  28. Yes we should do this more often Christina. You, because of the heath, we in Holland because of the bad weather. But still I don't cut my flowers very often. Your rose is a gorgeous one. I love it.
    Have a wonderful rest of the weak ahead.
    Warm wishes Marijke.