Friday, October 30, 2015

Garden Tour: Planting a New Rose and Looking at Roses that are Blooming Now!

About two weeks ago, I recorded another video for Periscope but couldn't find the time earlier to put it up on my blog to share it with you here as well. But finally it is loaded up!

In this video I show you a newly planted hybrid tea rose named 'Bewitched' and talk about how I plant a new rose, what I have found out works well to give a rose the best possible start, so that it will grow into a beautiful specimen that will gift you with plenty of blooms.

Later on I present to you and talk about the rare tea rose 'Georgetown Tea', that I got as a gift from a dear friend many years ago and I have the pleasure to grow in my own garden ever since.

I continue to tour the garden and look at roses that are blooming right now. Your will see, besides others, flowers of 'Madame Caroline Testout, 'Neptune' and 'Heritage'. Did you get curious? Please click on the video below. I hope you enjoy the tour!

As always, thanks for stopping by and watching the video.

I am wishing everyone who celebrates it a lovely Halloween. Boo!

See you in the garden!



  1. I love that 'Neptune' rose, Christina. I have a noID lavender rose (inherited with the garden, 'Angel Face' maybe), which I love but it isn't particularly vigorous.

    1. Kris, I am also quite fascinated by the rose 'Neptune' so far. The color is just superb!
      Your noID lavender rose could very well be 'Angel Face, since it was very popular for a while and unfortunately it is known for its lack of vigor. I have read that people have good results with grafting it on Fortuniana rootstook in our area. Would that be a possible consideration for you? I like 'Angel Face' a lot and the fragrance is just wonderful!

  2. Very nice video of your gardens and Skyler/Skylar. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blooms and your knowledge of growing roses in your part of the country.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi Christina, thanks for the helpful information about planting roses. I also use fish fertilizer, not just for roses but for many things. I think it is interesting that you planted "Bewitched" just in time for Halloween! Georgetown Tea is fabulous; I like its form and color very much. I tend to like these old-fashioned roses more than many modern ones.
    I had to laugh at Skylar; I think he wanted to be part of the video.

    1. Deb, I am thrilled if my information of "how I do things in my garden" is helpful to other gardeners. I think it is great, if we can learn from each other through our blogs, even though one has to have in mind that this information is very climate specific.
      I didn't even recognize that 'Bewitched' was the perfect rose to plant for Halloween, before you pointed that out to me ;-)! It seems to be just a very innocent pink rose, so I wonder how it got its name...
      I also have a weak spot for the Old Garden Roses like 'Georgetown Tea', especially if they are that rare. I wonder, if it would grow for you in your climate as well or if you are too cold.
      Yes, Skylar wanted definitively to be in this video. I only realized when I watched the replay, how often he marched into the shots :-)!

  4. Liebe Christina,
    deine Videos sind immer toll.
    Ich kann nun schon einiges verstehen :-)
    Der Englischunterricht bringt langsam was.
    Ganz viele liebe Sonntagsgrüße
    sendet dir die Urte :-)

    1. Urte, thank you so much, I am happy that you like my videos! How wonderful that your English classes are successful and you can understand more and more. Learning a second language is not easy, I know that first hand, but I also remember the excitement when I started to get the hang of it and empty words suddenly got meaning. It is a process that still continues for me and even up to today I learn new vocabularies every day.

  5. Ces rosiers sont fabuleux, grâce à ce mode de plantation, la réussite est vraiment au rendez vous. Les feuillages des rosiers sont resplendissantes de beauté. Sur cette belle vidéo, j'ai admiré la piscine et la végétation qui l'entoure. J'ai aperçu le chien qui se porte à merveille. Il est trop mignon.
    Belle soirée, Jocelyne