Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Garden Tour Between Rain Showers

Last Sunday I did another Periscope broadcast about my garden. What was really unusual about that, was that the garden was dripping wet, since it was raining on and off that day.

In this video I tour my front yard and show you where I planted the other two new Verbena bonariensis that I bought. I am really in love with this airy plant and its little purple flowers and can't understand why I didn't recognize the value that it adds the autumn garden earlier.

Besides that, of course, I recorded some of my roses that where blooming at that time, like for example 'Old Fashioned Girl', 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' and 'Marie Pavie'. Then I go with you to the backyard to look at 'Pierre de Ronsard', which was just spectacular that day. This huge rose was at the peak of its third flush this year, loaded with its big and beautiful blooms. You really must see this!

Last but not least I take a look at the progress that my bearded Iris rhizomes have made. I planted those dry rhizomes in containers just a about a week ago, but there is already new life visible.

So if you have gotten curious and want to see what I just described in a three dimentional way, please click on the video and come with me on a tour through my garden between rain showers.

Thanks for watching the video, hope you enjoyed it!

After the temperatures had cooled down somewhat last weekend, they are now on the rise, again. Can you believe that we are expecting 100 F/38 Celsius on this Friday? No? Me neither...

Wishing everyone a nice rest of the week!

See you in the garden!



  1. The garden is looking so fresh after all that rain Christina, a lovely tour!

  2. I was so glad you stopped by the Iceberg rose growing in the pot Christina - for a brief moment I thought you were going to walk completely by and not mention it. It's beautiful!
    Your garden is looking lush and must be very grateful for that unexpected rainfall. Piere de Ronsard (thank you so much for listing it above - saved me making a note) is the real star of the show and I can see why it is a favourite. Another great broadcast.

  3. Dear Christina,

    Seeing your garden I wander will winter ever come? I don't think so. Everything looks like it is spring. I am envious. About the Irises, why not plant them right away into the soil? In my opinion they don't thrive in a container pot. Groetjes, Hetty

  4. You will have been glad with the rain I think, but temperatures again rising to 38 degr.C. pffft, rather hot. I think your garden is year round growing and flowering. The rose Pierre de Ronsard is one of my favorite beauties too, here it grows up in the dovecote and is still blooming too. Nice you have a plant of Stachys monieri 'Hummelo', called after the village Piet Oudolf lives. And than the Verbena bonariensis. I have many of them everywhere in the garden, that's because I have sown a packet of seed 3 years ago. We had no significant frost the last few years so they have selfseeded everywhere. In your hot garden they must be easy selfseeders I suppose. We call this weaving plants, they are very nice to weave through other plants, also roses.
    Happy gardening Christina, I enjoyed your video.

    1. Janneke, thank you very much for your nice comment! Interesting info that the stachys is named after the village where the famous Piet Oudolf lives. I wonder if he even has named the plant?
      I have no objections if the Verbena Bonariensis would start to self-seed in my garden as well :-). I like the name weaving plants, I hope it starts to weave through my roses here as well, preferably even this autumn.

  5. Congratulations on the rain, Christina! It appears that you got more than we did - our total was just 0.04 inches. I hope it doesn't get too hot out your way. After a cool weekend our temperature has been climbing day-by-day too.

  6. It is nice to hear you have some rain! Somehow, your roses always seem fresh! Someone has offered to give me some Marie Pavie roses; I hope I can find a place, and if so, I hope this rose will do as well for me as for you!

  7. C'est avec un grand plaisir que je lis que ton jardin a reçu une belle ration de pluie afin d'encourager tes rosiers toujours aussi bien fleuri.Cependant, je suis navrée de lire que le thermomètre repart à la hausse. J'ai vécu des journées torrides cet été et je n'aimerais pas revivre ces journées éprouvantes pour les plantes et surtout les humains. La verveine de Buenos aires est une plante légère qui s'invite partout quand on la laisse monter à graines mais elle apporte de la couleur durablement dans un jardin.
    Belle soirée Jocelyne

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