Monday, September 22, 2014

August Roses

Again, I am coming in late with my post about the roses that bloomed in the previous month, but I am glad that I am at least able to publish it today.

On average August is the hottest month of the year in San Diego and this year has been no exception. As in July the roses struggled with the heat in my garden and most bushes didn't look that pretty, but some still managed to produce roses of great quality here and there.

Here are some of the beauties, that I captured with my camera last month.

The picture perfect blooms of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe'. After all these years I am still fascinated by the beauty of the flowers of this Floribunda.

'Madame Alfred Carriere' has become a huge bush in the one year that she is planted in the ground, but the rose did rarely bloom. Maybe she is just getting established and is working on building a deep root system. I hope to see more of her lovely flowers in the future.

'Pink Pet' is a very undemanding, tough as nails rose. I have mine planted in brutally hot conditions in the front yard, in a very narrow flower bed between the white wall of our house and a light colored concrete path that radiates the heat even more to the rose.

'Pink Pet' doesn't seem to mind and blooms in nice clusters.

I find the pom pom like flowers quite charming. A great rose for the cottage garden!

'Irresistible' being pretty!

Here is a shot, when the bloom is a little bit more open. This rose keeps a good form until the blooms are spend.

'Auckland Metro' with water droplets from the sprinklers...

...and another bloom in full morning sun.

'The Prince' is a rose that I am never getting tired off.

The color and form is just exceptional and... has the most pleasing and strong fragrance. You just stick your nose in it and for a moment you forget all the sorrows and worries of the world.

A particular pretty cluster of 'Georgetown Tea'. I love the unique and a little unruly blooms of this relatively rare Tea Rose.

No matter what the weather is or the temperatures are, 'Pope John Paul II' is a rose that I can always count on.

The big blooms never fail to impress and also make good cut flowers. 

I don't believe that I have ever shown a photo of the 'Crocus Rose' on my blog. The reason might be, that I almost lost this rose last summer. It has recovered now and even though the blooms are still tiny, I think it shows the potential to be a truly lovely rose.

'Sweet Chariot' is a trooper that blooms right through the heat of summer. The rose is completely healthy.

I really need to find a spot in the ground for this little chap, since he is outgrowing its container.

The Hybrid Tea rose 'Moonstone' is blooming and blooming and blooming.

The beauty of each flower is remarkable and that is the only reason...

...why I put up with this rose that almost constantly suffers from powdery mildew.

'Belinda's Dream' in the warm evening light...

...and in the cool morning light before the sun has completely risen. Isn't it remarkable how much the color of this rose varies from warm to cool pink at different times of the day?

'Sweetness', another Hybrid Tea rose, that grows in my front yard was surprisingly generous with blooms, considering how hot is has been. Unfortunately some fried in the heat, but here I caught a cluster at the peak of its bloom. 

'Pretty Jessica' is one of the older David Austin roses. I like the cool light pink color quite a bit.

Here is the same rose in a fully open stage. Unfortunately I don't get a good rebloom, but that might be my fault, because the rose is planted in quite a bit of shade and dealing with a lot of root competition from a huge Queen Palm.

The grayish brownish tones in the color of 'Moonlight Scentsation' are very fascinating to me. Also a rose that you don't see too often.

The pink center of 'Pierre de Ronsard' becomes quite saturated in the heat in my garden.

I complained about the muddy, almost dirty color of 'Heritage' in my July Roses post from last month (if you want to see photos of 'Heritage' from then, please click here). The rose may have heard that, because since then its color has changed and has become a more clear apricot pink. I have to say that this "new" color has grown on me and the current blooms are an even lighter pink and prettier in my book.

I am closing this post with a lovely bloom of 'Lavender Crystal'. This rose is truly a gem in the lavender color range. I also really fancy the more informal bloom form.

See you in the garden!



  1. Beautiful roses! I have had The Prince also, but it did not flower that much. He died during an unusual cold winter. Now I have to live without my prince! Groetjes from Holland,


  2. Great selection as always Christina! And I can just imagine the wonderful scent in your garden :)

  3. Dear Christina ~ Once again your roses touch my heart. They are all beautiful! It must be wonderful to see all of them in person. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. And I am newer tired of your gorgeous roses ! Beautiful !

  5. Wow! This is gorgeous! Especially love that last one, such wonderful colour!

  6. Christina, you have soooo many beautiful roses and I cannot choose which one I like most they are all lovely.
    'Lavender Chrystal' is very special and 'Our Lady of Guadeloupe'.......

  7. You have made some excellent choices for roses! Each one is beautiful. It is funny how different roses color in different environments. My 'Heritage' is a light pink where I have it planted facing into the western sun that on very hot days it fades to almost white. It's one of my favorites, although the petals seem to shatter easily, but I think they look pretty scattered on the ground!

  8. I always enjoy coming along with you for a walk in your garden! Your roses always speak to me so strongly! And I would agree with you...I think those pom pom roses are just fantastic for a cottage garden! You have such a rich variety in your space and I will have you know I will be adding some roses to my new garden space! I am nervous and excited all at once! Happy week to you friend...thanks for inspiring!!! Nicole xoxo

  9. Wow... all looks so stunning! Gorgeous roses, especially 'Pierre de Ronsrand'. I really love to see your garden, more and more a lovely rose garden.

  10. Son unas rosas preciosas y no se por cual decidirme porque todas me gustan. Saludos.

  11. You do so well with your roses, considering the heat and restricted irrigation. 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' is just the perfect rose, in colour and form. I'm glad 'Crocus' is recovering, it too is a beauty. And I think I'd better get 'Pretty Jessica'!!

  12. Christina I think I am in heaven....and to think how even more beautiful they must be in person as your pictures are incredible.

  13. Fantastic, you're living in the neighbourhood of princess and queens!
    Eine schöner, als die andere - wie machst du das nur?
    Eine wundervolle Zeit

  14. I thought 'Pink Pet' looked really familiar, it's the same as 'Caldwell Pink'! It's a great rose isn't it? Your roses are beautiful! 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' and 'Pierre de Ronsard' are particularly photogenic.

  15. Sigh ... I am truly jealous that you can grow such beautiful Roses so much of the year. You are so kind to share your lovely pictures of them with us here. I think I mentioned before with one of your previous posts that 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' is stunning. It melts my heart ... really. :) I think I remember seeing 'Georgetown Tea' (or something similar) at the Rose Garden at Louis Armstrong Park in New Orleans. I did a post about it a couple of years ago. If you ever have a chance to visit New Orleans, make sure you visit the park--you'd love it!

  16. Where do I start ... so many gorgeous roses and all looking superb. 'Georgetown Tea' is absolutely gorgeous. Do you get much black spot ? They all look so healthy. I have 'White Pet' and it is just getting established, so I was pleased to hear what a tough cookie 'Pink Pet' is.

    1. Jane, thanks for your kind words about my roses! I am so happy that you like 'Georgetown Tea'. I have posted blooms of this rose repeatedly, but people don't seem to care so much about the look of this roses. To answer your question: I don't get any blackspot (blackspot is not really a problem in Southern California, but the rose could be blackspot susceptibel in your climate) on 'Georgetown Tea', but plenty of powdery mildew at certain times of the year. Right now the rose is pretty clean, though. Georgetown Tea is a Tea Rose, so it is probably not very hardy, before you get it you might want to look into that. I have seen quite tender Tea Roses growing in Mottisfont Abbey, though. Another problem that you might encounter is that 'Georgetown Tea' is not available in England. I got mine from 'Vintage Gardens', a nursery specialized in Old Garden Roses, which sadly is now closed. They claimed that their clone of 'Georgetown Tea' is different from other varieties sold under this name in the US. I would wish I could sent you a cutting to try out this rose in your climate. but I guess that wouldn't fly with the British customs :(.

  17. Such an amazing amount of roses Christina! You're so lucky to have room for so many beautiful varieties. I do love 'pink pet' though, so very pretty with the clusters of blooms, I'll have to look into that one. Your photos are just beautiful :-)

  18. A blog full of beauty Christina. I doubt I'd tire of seeing your roses.
    I'm having a bit of an Apricot /Peach rose thing going on I'm my front garden and did not pick The Crocus Rose, wish I had now, I wonder if I could squeeze another in.

  19. Liebe Christina,
    so eine herrliche Blütenpracht!
    Es muss so wunderschön duften bei dir :-)
    Du hast deine Rosen jedenfalls super durch die
    Augusthitze bekommen. Sie sehen super aus :-)
    Ganz viele liebe Wochenendsgrüße
    sendet dir die Urte :-)

  20. This blogpost is a treasure to my eyes. What a beauty your roses are giving. I am jealouse *positive" how healthy your roses foliage are. Not in my garden. Because we had no winter I did not take the old leaves of and I think that's the reason why I did have the fungie in my roses. Well never to old to learn.
    Wish you a lovely day and great autumntime.

  21. liebe Christina,

    da ist ja wieder eine Rose schöner als die andere. Ich würde wirklich gerne einmal in Deinem Rosengarten spazieren gehen, denn ich kann mir die verschiedenen Düfte gut vorstellen. Und von der Knospe bis zur offenen Blüte ist die Vielfalt unerschöpflich. Die "Crocus" hatte ich mir extra wegen ihres Duftes zugelegt, leider hat sie den harten Winter vor zwei Jahren nicht überlebt.

    Liebe Grüße

  22. Ahh, what a feast to the eyes!
    I love them all, but then I have a thing for roses :-)
    My roses also have slightly different colour depending on the temperature and how much sun they get, and some roses are very pale in the winter – Peace was a remarkable example of that, looking very different in the winter compared to summer. I had to get rid of it a few years ago and still miss it, but it was one I inherited with the house and it was probably 30+ years old, and not looking very nice anymore. I would love to have 'Moonstone', I would also cherish it despite mildew problems – with such flowers!
    Have a lovely week-end!

  23. Thank you for these beautiful images! I haven't heard of any of them up here in the north we are more limited of choise! And roses dosen't get so big envious of a warmer climate oh no does it show that clearly!! All the best from chilly Sweden Ps I acctually have Pierre Ronsard but it is very small and not so big and beautiful like yours!!!