Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Beautiful Village of Blockley in the Cotswolds, England I

We are on vacation in England right now and I would like to take you on an early morning walk through the beautiful ancient village of Blockley. Blockley is located in the Cotswolds, an area quite famous for its outstanding beauty of the landscape, in the county of Gloucestershire in England, where we were renting a self catering cottage for a week. Usually we started the day with a healthy breakfast at our cottage but that morning we felt like having a traditional English Breakfast and decided to head out to the local village cafe and explore the village in a leisurely morning stroll by foot. The photos which are following I took on the way.

Leaving the cottage you step into a tiny but very lovingly planted cottage garden. The raised small terrace offered a very nice place to sit and enjoy the moment.

I especially liked this plant, I believe it is a Geum, which up to now I only was able to admire on photos from other garden bloggers.

Looking back through the garden gate towards 'Alice Cottage' to the right.

There was certainly no shortage of pretty cottages in Blockley.

Many of them build of the famous honey colored Cotswold stone that was quarried in the area.

Looking down the High Street of Blockley.

I love the climbing roses that were grown on many of the cottage walls. So pretty!

Here is a particular nice example of a climbing rose.

Looks like Mother Nature took over this front yard. All the rain that they have in England makes it possible that plants can thrive, even if they are not tended to by a gardener.

 I loved the beautiful detailed stone work around the door.

Many people make an effort to prettify their cottages with plants grown in containers.

The Crown Inn & Hotel looks nice from the outside, but the dinner we had there during our stay was disappointingly bland and boring.

Cottage garden charm! There is hardly any space to garden in, but British gardeners work their magic anyways!

My husband noticed the planter to the left of the door and commanded me to take a photo. So I happily obliged.

This was my favorite scene from the High Street. The pink climbing rose is just amazing and it smells very strong. Unfortunately I don't know what variety it is.

I will continue the walk through Blockley in my next post. If you want to see more scenes from this lovely village and also what our traditional English Breakfast looked like, stop by here soon.

In case you have read my last post and wonder about the Doberman puppies. Two of them have been adopted out before our trip to England. We have decided to keep one puppy, and this one is very well taken care of by our wonderful dog sitters. Still, it was a little hard to leave her behind, but we have booked this vacation six months ago and didn't had one last year, so with a little heavy heart we decided to go. We see our puppy over FaceTime almost every day though, and she seems to do very well. It looks like that we miss her more than she misses us, which is a good thing.

Wishing everyone a lovely rest of the weekend!

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  1. Dear Christina,
    thank you for showing us pictures of your beautiful England vacation. It looks so pretty and I would love to be there myself. Looking forward to your next post!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Looks so beautiful! Enjoy your holiday :)

  3. June seems to be the perfect month to visit England, Christina, so I'm glad you didn't feel compelled to cancel your trip due to the unanticipated puppy invasion. I'm not at all surprised to learn that you adopted one of the puppies - I saw that writing on the wall!

    Best wishes for an enjoyable holiday! Take lots of photos.

    1. Kris, June is indeed the best moment to tour the beautiful gardens in England! Due to the cold weather that they were having this year everything is very late though and often the roses have just started to bloom.
      We were very close to cancel our vacation because of the puppies, especially since the second puppy only got adopted one day before we had scheduled our trip. But in the end all seem to have worked out and having amazing dog sitters who care so much about our new puppy baby makes me feel OK to be gone!
      And yes, I will take tons of photos, that for sure :-)! Hopefully I will find the time to share them on the blog after we are back home!

  4. After reading your last post I was very surprised to see that you are here in my corner of the world, I'm in the southern Cotswolds. I am pleased that you have manage to locate good homes for two of the puppies, and that you have also kept one for yourselves.

  5. Wie schön - da waren wir wohl beide gleichzeitig drüben? Ich habe gerade alle Bilder in Ordner geschoben.
    Die Cotswolds sind einfach wunderschön, diese Häuser, die schönen Läden (ich hoffe, du kriechst auch rein wie ich). Wer guckt nach deinen Hunden?


  6. Christina, thank you so much for posting these pictures! England and gardening are inseparable. It's so nice to be able to see it through your camera's lens. What a combination of in-ground, container, flower box and wall plantings!

  7. English charm at its best, what a lovely place you chose for your holiday :-)
    Next time you come here on holiday may I suggest you come a bit closer to me so you two can come and visit me here in London? You could for example look at staying somewhere in Kent, ‘The Garden of England’ - if you haven’t been there yet you have so many beautiful places still to see! And travelling up to London won’t be too far as a day journey and you will also be within reach of Kew Botanical Gardens then.
    You are invited, just let me know well in time :-)

  8. Oh what a lovely village. The stone is so rich and warm, and English gardens, what a treat. So enjoyed your post, Thanks, Sandi

  9. How fun! Have relatives close to Blockley and have had a holiday let there. Very nostalgic!

  10. Lovely post ! I think I must visit this village one day too. Enjoy your stay. Groetjes Hetty

  11. this is a place I would love to spend time here. Love old places filled with history so intriguing thanks for sharing your trip have a great week

  12. Dear Christina:
    You have shared a beautiful "escape too" place. It looks like one big secret garden of villages. I love your photos and the roses climbing here and there! Thanks so much for sharing and linking.

  13. I love that you are Face Timing your beautiful puppy - isn't technology wonderful? I hope that the weather is being kind to you in the Cotswolds. Safe travels - I look forward to seeing more photos.

  14. what a beautiful way to spend your day.

  15. Have fun! Sounds like a dream vacation!

  16. How wonderful to enjoy such a lovely vacation, Christina! I really loved taking this morning walk with you - the pretty stone cottages are so sweet with all the flowers. Looks like you are having good weather, too! Have fun! xx K

  17. What a lovely place!! So beutiful with all the stone houses and pretty climbing roses.
    /Kitty, Finland

  18. I stupidly had missed this post, I know why: I was looking forward to more of the puppies and did not think you to be in the Cotswolds, so beautiful. Can imagine you miss your Dobermans but they are in good hands so enjoy your holidays!

  19. Was für wunderschöne Bilder!
    Wir wollen nun endlich nächstes Jahr fahren.
    Jedenfalls ist es in Planung :-)
    LG Urte

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