Thursday, December 10, 2015

November Roses

First, I would like to thank all of you who left good wishes for the health of my mom in the comments to the last post. I am happy to say that my mom is recovering relatively well from her current health issue, even though that type of problem will take time to heal.

I am sure that most of you can imagine that taking care of someone who is ill can get stressful at times and blogging is a welcome distraction and fun activity for me that contributes to keep my own spirit up. I am glad that I can do it from Germany as well.

So here comes the long overdue post about the roses that have bloomed in my garden in November. Following the "new" weather pattern in California, November was a relatively warm month, which prompted a lot of roses to develop nice flowers, even though it was already relatively late in autumn.

The most beautiful rose bloom produced 'Auckland Metro' in my eyes. I am simply in love with the ivory shade of this Hybrid Tea rose. It is such an elegant hue.

Bud of 'Auckland Metro' in the morning sun.

Unfolding bloom of 'Auckland Metro'.

'Mister Lincoln' is the only pure red rose that I am growing in my garden. The tone of red of this rose changes quite a bit with the temperatures. When the days become cooler 'Mister Lincoln' takes on a more cool, dark, wine red color, whereas when it is hot, it is more a warm medium red.

Even though 'Mister Lincoln' was already bred in 1964 by Swim & Weeks I think it is still one of the best red roses for a warm climate. The bush is vigorous and the rose comes with an extraordinary strong classic rose fragrance.

'Pretty Jessica' back lit by the sun.

As usual at this time of the year 'Pope John Paul II' is one of my most floriferous roses.

I never get tired off the lovely white blooms of this variety.

'Pope John Paul II'

'Pope John Paul II'

'Pope John Paul II' has a decent petal count and finishes up in a nice way, which can not be said of all Hybrid Tea roses. 

'Belinda's Dream' at her best.

I am still getting excited at the sight of a flower of 'Lavender Crystal'. This rose has simply a killer lavender color and I am happy that, even though planted in a difficult spot, it is producing blooms on a regular base by now.

The petticoat blooms of 'Mary Rose'. Just delightful!

Above you see 'Moonlight Scentsation', a Mini-Flora, whose flowers make themselves a bit rare in my garden.

I like the yellow center of the flowers and 'Moonlight Scentsation' can produce quite unusual lavender undertones, but... suffers from powdery mildew, if the conditions are right. Unfortunately that is quite often the case in my garden. So I don't know if I will keep this rose long term, but I will give it at least another year.

Unfolding bud of 'Georgetown Tea'. I love how the softer autumn light plays with this emerging rose bloom. 

Last but not least one of my favorite roses 'Scepter'd Isle'. Sometimes the blooms look like powder puffs and I appreciate... this rose shows its yellow stamens as the flowers are opening more. 

All in all a healthy, floriferous, romantic rose. What is not to love?

One more thing: Recently my blog reached 300.000 pageviews. A big thank you to everyone who stops by and takes a look at my posts. It feels so good to know that the blog is being read, your visits truly make me happy!

See you in the garden!


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  1. Glad to hear your mother is doing better. May she continue to do well.

    Love all of your roses but my favorite this time is 'Scepter'd Isle'. What a beauty!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays ~ FlowerLady

  2. Lorraine, thanks for your good wishes for my mother!
    Looks like we are having the same taste in roses :-).

  3. I sometimes envy your climate where roses almost flower the year round. That 'Scepter'd Isle' is indeed a lovely beauty, but I also like 'Auckland Metro' very much. I put this one on my wishlist I know I can buy this one in our country. 'Lavender Chrystal' is a beauty too, I like the shape of the many petals.
    Glad to hear your mother is getting better slowly. I understand that blogging is a welcome distraction of this stressful time as I am in the same position. My parents 95 and 94 went to a nursing and elderly home this year, I had to empty and clean their house and sell it. Fortunately I sold it rather soon, but especially my father is totally worn out now and according to the docters he will not live much longer.
    For me blogging is a real distraction from all problems.
    Wish you all the best with your mother and enjoy your beautiful rosegarden!

    1. Janneke, being able to grow roses in Southern California year round is certainly a plus :-)! If you get 'Auckland Metro', I hope it will grow well for you in your climate. In mine it is an exceptionally beautiful rose.
      Thanks for your good wishes for my mom. I can imagine that relocating your parents to a nursery home wasn't easy as well as emptying and selling their home. Isn't it amazing how much blogging can support one in tough times?

  4. Wishing you well Christina at this difficult time. The roses are just gorgeous. We have a few hanging on, but nothing as healthy looking as yours!

    1. Thank for your good wishes, Jessica! I am surprised myself that most of my roses, besides the usual suspects, are pretty healthy for the time of the year. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that many of my roses are really mature now (five to seven years in the ground).

  5. Me alegro que todo vaya bien. Las rosas están preciosas. Besos.

  6. Es freut mich, dass es deiner Mutter wieder besser geht! Deine Rosen sehen alle so gesund aus, am Liebsten mag ich die cremefarbenen.


    1. Sigrun, thanks for your participation in the recovery of my mother! You can imagine how glad I am that she is doing better.
      The creme and off-white colored roses really have something special to them. I start to like them more and more.

  7. Liebe Christina,
    auwei, mit deiner Mutter das ist ja nicht so schön.
    Weiterhin gute Besserung! Und deine Rosen sind einfach einmalig schön!
    Es ist bei dir, wie in eine andere Welt zu schauen - ganz zauberhaft :-)
    Ganz viele liebe Adventsgrüße
    sendet dir Urte :-)

    1. Urte, thanks for your good wishes for my mom's recovery!
      I just returned home from Germany and I also feel that I am in a different world here in California, even though it is surprisingly cold here as well.

  8. Your roses are so beautiful, Christina, I can't even pick a favorite this month. I'm glad to hear your mother is better and I hope her ongoing recovery is smooth.

    1. Kris, thanks for your nice words about my roses and also for your good wishes for my mothers recovery.

  9. A lovely view to see, when only frost roses appear in my garden! I fully understand your fascination for the first one. Wonderful color. Scepter'd Isle also is a favourite.
    Yes, I know a little bit about caring for ill parents. Quite exhausting it can be.

  10. Christina, with such lovely roses I am not surprised at the popularity of your blog. I am amazed at the number of blooms you have so late in the year. I can imagine a bouquet with all the wonderful colors! My favorites? Hard to say, but Mary Rose and Auckland Metro are contenders. Best wishes for continued recovery for your mom and peace of spirit for you.

  11. I wish you a lot of energy because I know you can use it. Your roses make me feel jealouse (positive way ofcourse). Overhere only spare one's but it brings me light in these dark days. What I am concerned about is that my rose showing new growth. It's only 10C overhere but far to warm for this time of the year. Somedays are looking like springtime is on it's way. I wish you all te best for the health of your mum.
    Warm wishes

  12. Encore et toujours, ce beau défilé de roses est un plaisir à voir, à déguster comme une gourmandise à cette période de l'année. Le climat de la Californie est certes chaud mais très agréable avec des hivers peu rigoureux. Nous n'avons pas eu depuis deux ans un hiver très rigoureux, mais je redoute celui qui vient. Je vous souhaite Chère Christina, une meilleure santé pour votre maman et de l’énergie pour vous.
    Belle soirée...jocelyne

  13. Oh my - I am amazed. These roses are so beautiful. I am so pleased that you shared at my blog party! I love that lavender rose the best! Everybody has a favorite -right?

  14. Oh my! Your roses are beautiful, especially lavender crystal! I have never seen one like that. You have lifted my spirit with your roses : )

  15. I haven't read any of your earlier posts so I don't know what has happened to your mother. But, I wish her and you all the best and a quick recovery and lots of good health. It's not easy to leave one's home in one country and go and take care of one's mother in another country. So, I hope you are doing well.

    You should start another profession -- taking beautiful pictures of roses. Seriously, your roses are beautiful and you have captured them in photos beautifully. Absolutely stunning.

    And your enthusiasm for roses has brushed on me. I now constantly look for roses.

  16. BTW I sometimes adjust the lighting on pictures but rarely color. The morning skies always amaze me.

  17. Christina:
    Just letting you know this was one of the featured posts on my blog today! Congratulations!