Sunday, March 15, 2015

White Cymbidium Orchids

My white cymbidium orchids have bloomed recently and even though they are already only a faded memory by now, I wanted to blog about them because they have been so pretty.

Here I have cut only two flower stalks for the house, but what an impact they have. White perfection!

I really can't get over, how beautiful and blemish free the blooms are.

Two years ago I bought this white flowering unlabeled cymbidium orchid for a very reasonable price at Traeder Joe's.

The blooms were almost spent when I got it, but I couldn't resist the white beautiful flowers.

 Last year it was just sitting in my garden doing nothing, but this year, with no care except one dose of fish fertilizer prior to the winter time, it decided to produce four lovely flower stalks.

The individual blooms are marvelous. 

The cymbidium (two stalks were cut for the vase already) was still growing in its original ugly plastic container...

...and it was more than time to pot it up into a much nicer terracotta container. I think it also needed a little bit more space to grow, even though I remember vaguely that I have heard that orchids bloom better when they are pot bound.

Usually cymbidium orchids last a long time on the plant and in the vase, but this variety is an exception. Its blooms were spend much faster than my other two varieties. Still, it is well worth growing, don't you think?

After enjoying the vase from the opening photo of this post for a few days in front of the fire place in our family living room, I was ready for a change and placed it into a niche located in our formal living room.

I really like the still life effect with the orchid blooms in front of the vintage mirror, that I bought in Albuquerque, New Mexico a few years ago. The large candle stick was a lovely birthday gift from a dear friend and the handmade clay vase, that looks like a cow horn, lying to the feet of the orchids, was a souvenir that we brought back from our last trip to England. So many lovely memories...

If you got into the orchid mood and want to read a previous post that I had written about a different variety of cymbidium orchids earlier on the blog please click here.

See you in the garden!



  1. Beautiful Orchid! Here, Cymbidium only grown on the highland tropics with the cool temperature all year round. It's not easy to grow it on my home garden.

  2. Es muy hermosa y en ese rincón de tu casa queda preciosa. Besitos y feliz semana.

  3. Orchids are worth their short blooming season! They are such beautiful and fascinating flowers.

    Yours are really lovely.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  4. White perfection !!! And gorgeous photos !!!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen a Cymbidium in such a clear crystal white. The blooms are indeed perfect.

  6. I always get a profound sense of satisfaction when my orchids decide to throw some more blooms in my direction. Such exotic but lovely plants.

  7. This is an exceptional beautiful white Cymbidium. Wonderful photos especially the one with the orchids in front of the mirror.

  8. So lovely and special that it bloomed again for you! The blooms really are quite perfect, aren't they? I love them displayed in your beautiful niche. xo Karen

  9. Liebe Christiana,
    welch eine tolle Blüte. Du hast sie wunderbar in Szene gesetzt. Meine Tochter liebt Orchideen und bringt sie immer wieder zum blühen, für mich ein kleines Wunder.

    Herzlichste Grüße Alexandra

  10. So gorgeous! I love orchids. I had large Cymbidiums and trailing Dendrobiums in my bridal bouquet. I can't believe how perfect your blooms are, as you say. Lovely.

  11. Oh, I just love orchids, can’t get enough of them! I have a yellow cymbidium, I hope it will flower for me soon as it is about time, but in my house none of the orchids get enough light so many don’t flower as much as they could. I have never had the heart to cut off a stalk and put it in water, I assume it will last shorter than when left on the plant? Hope you have a great week in the garden Christina - take care, Helene.

  12. You really captured them beautifully Christina!!! Those blooms are flawless and I could just look at them all day!!! Wishing you a wonderful week of gardening friend! And I hope you are well! Nicole xo

  13. Very pretty, especially outside!

  14. Dear Christina. Oh these white orchids look so nice against the backdrop of your pool! Fantastic! Groetjes,


  15. Beautiful captures of this orchid! I've had several, but never a white one - I may try a white, next time!

  16. What a beauty! It's gorgeous in its simplicity.

  17. Oh so schön!
    weiße Orchideen!
    die würden bei uns draußen gleich eingehen :-)
    Ganz viele liebe Grüße
    sendet dir die Urte :-)