Wednesday, December 31, 2014

November Roses

Dear Readers, with these photos of roses that have bloomed in my garden in November, I would like to wish all of you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year 2015! I hope you enjoy seeing these images and I am glad, that I was able to get this post out literally in the very last minutes of the old year!

To my delight the mild warm weather of November this year brought out almost as beautiful roses as you can find in spring.

Here is a scene from the front yard. On the left side from the front to the back you can see 'Old Fashioned Girl', 'Pink Pet' and 'Climbing Iceberg'. From the right, there are peaking a few branches of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' into the photo.

'Pink Pet' outdid itself this autumn. 

The 'Climbing Iceberg' roses to the right and left side of the garage were very lovely, too. Here you can see the one growing on the right side...

...and these blooms are the top of the 'Climbing Iceberg' growing on the left side of the garage. 

Iceberg roses, no matter if it is the climbing or the shrub rose are always so cheerful. It just makes me happy to look at them. 

In the front yard another 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' rose was strutting her stuff. To the right side of the rose I planted a new perennial that I am quite fond of. With its lavender colored delicate flowers it compliments 'Our Lady of Guadalupe quite nicely, I think. The name of the plant is plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'. We will see how it will fair in the long run in my garden. If you wonder what the piles of dirt do on the walkway, well, that was the work of racoons. They were "beautifying" my front yard every night for quite some time last month, grrr....

'The Prince', also growing in my front yard continued to delight me with its incredible colored blooms.

'Sweetness', the last rose for today from my front yard, also let you believe that it was spring.

Moving on to the backyard, 'Moonstone' was the indisputable star there.

The flowers of 'Moonstone' can be sheer perfection when it is good!

And the rose was certainly in top shape last month.

One rose flower was more beautiful then the other... these photos document.

The faithful 'Pope John Paul II' never ceases to amaze.

'Stephen's Big Purple' came out with some more blooms, too.

I still don't know what to make out of the bold dark pink color. To me this rose doesn't look purple at all. The name seems to be a little misleading at least in terms of the way the roses turn out in my climate. 

 'Irresistible' had some nice flowers, too.

'Nimbus' continued to fascinate me with its exquisite colors.

The combination of rose, mauve and brown tones are quite fascinating in this rose.

Thanks for stopping by today!

See you in the garden in the brand New Year 2015!



  1. Happy New Year Christina and more good gardening in 2015 - your November garden looks as if it is still summertime - 'Irresistible' is lovely

  2. Preciosas como siempre. Feliz año 2015. Un abrazo.

  3. Always a cheer to see your roses Christina! Wishing you a wonderful New Year :)

  4. Happy 2015 dear Christina! Every time I visit here and see your beautiful roses, I 'want' more roses. :-) You have such a beautiful collection.

    Grrr, raccoons really bug me with their play in gardens and bird baths and on the roof too.

    May 2015 be filled with many rose blooms and love, peace & joy too ~ FlowerLady

  5. Happy New Year Christina!!! Your roses sure are happy!! My are so right...they do look as pretty as spring blooms!!! What a gift! And I really like the "Climbing Iceberg" by the garage!! They are too pretty for words! I hope that your December celebrations were wonderful! Here is to the 2015 garden! Nicole xoxo

  6. Oh yeah: Moonstone IS incredible. Actually, all your Roses look very happy and healthy. You must be in absolutely the perfect climate for them. Happy New Year, Christina!

  7. Happy new year Christina! You're roses make me drool. I'm considering adding a peach or apricot rose in my side garden, preferably a florabunda - might you have a recommendation?

    1. Kris, almost all my roses are in the cool color range, so I have very little personal experience with peach or apricot colored roses. No floribundas come to my mind immediately but, there are two roses bred by David Austin (classified as shrub roses) that I have seen thriving in friend's rose gardens and liked them quite a bit, though: 'Ambridge Rose' (apricot/peach) and 'Carding Mill' (apricot).
      There is one more David Austin rose that I think is totally stunning and is named 'Lady Emma Hamilton'. This rose has a rather unusual intense glowing orange color with bronze leaves and canes, which I think it to die for. It would go very well with some of the bronze colored plants that you have growing in your garden. Just a thought... And I don't know how this rose will fair in our warm climates...
      Anyway, maybe one of these roses catches your interest?!

    2. Thanks Christina! All 3 are beautiful. I've admired 'Lady Emma Hamilton' when I've seen it featured on some of the UK blogs. According to my on-line search, it might be available, at least by pre-order, through Armstrong Garden Centers so I'll check into that. (My local Armstrong didn't have many David Austins when I was there last week.) It appears that White Flower Farm carries 'Carding Hill' so that might be plan B. Thanks again!

    3. Kris, oh my gosh, you are really considering my suggestions?! I feel so flattered.Good luck getting the one that you like best or your second choice. If you can't find them locally, there is, of course, always the option to order from David Austin directly.

  8. Good heavens Christina, that is an amazing array of roses to have blooming at the end of the year! So many gorgeous colours, I am totally unable to pick a favourite.

  9. Dear Christine, Your roses look beautiful. it must be summer in your region! I envy you. Best wishes, groetjes,


  10. Happy New Year, Christina !!! Wishing you a gorgeous garden in 2015 !!!

  11. Tous mes vœux ma chère Christina pour cette nouvelle année. Je te souhaite dans ta vie privée de la santé et de la réussite dans tes affaires. Au jardin, j'espère que tes roses te donneront le meilleur. En novembre toutes tes variétés étaient sublimes et leur floraison remarquable. C'est un bonheur de visionner tes photos, la qualité est parfaite.
    Belle soirée

  12. 'Sweetness' is my favourite but they're all beautiful! Happy new year and I LOVE your new dog from the last post.

  13. What's not too love about your Roses - all are amazing and look super in your November garden. I just hope puppy loves them as much as you do :)

  14. Lucky you to have so many roses!! Mine are all dormant now. I'm already looking forward to seeing them.

  15. Lovely roses to see! 'Moonstone' is a real beauty :-)
    Happy New Year!

  16. Ahhhhhhh, what a beautiful roses you have and that's in November? I think it's time I am getting jealouse (positive way ofcourse) Christina. It must be great that in your part of the world you almost can enjoy the roses the year round. Overhere it's less colourfull. The garden is a sleep and I miss the color of the flowers so dearly. I wish you a fantastic 2015 in a super healthy condition.
    Lots of love and warm wishes

  17. Moonstone really is perfection!You have so many wonderful roses. Best wishes for happy gardening and a wonderful New Year!

  18. Wow, Christina, I can't believe how many roses are still flowering their hearts out.'Moonstone' is a new one to me and it is so lovely!
    happy New Year to you x

  19. It does look like springtime in your garden! Beautiful! All of your roses are gorgeous but I am especially impressed by the pink shading on Moonstone.

    Happy New Year!

  20. Oeps I had almost missed this wonderful rose post. What a joy to have so many flowering roses in November, I almost envy you. Here we have wet and stormy winterdays, not cold. Gave last week dried cow manure to the roses and am looking forward to spring.
    Happy gardening!

  21. Beautiful roses and yard. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  22. Liebe Christina,
    alles Liebe für das neue Jahr :-)
    Achja, hier in Deutschland ist Winterzeit
    ja Träume- und Plänezeit für den Sommer.
    Da passt dein herrlicher Post mit den
    vielen schönen Fotos fantastisch :-)
    Ganz viele liebe gemütliche Wochenendsgrüße
    sendet dir die Urte

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